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The orders were shit. Stupid fag cop.


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"Hands up."

I hope people actually watch this video and understand the context behind it. Police were called to the scene because the man was pointing a gun out of a hotel window. It turned out to be an air rifle, and he didn't have it in his possession, but there was no way for the police to know this as he repeatedly ignored instructions to stop moving his hands toward his waistline.

Just because someone is crying and saying "please don't shoot" doesn't mean they're incapable of being armed and shooting at police. He was given multiple chances and very clear instructions on how to safely comply, and he failed to do so repeatedly. It's certainly unfortunate that someone died over something so ultimately mundane, but given the context and the reality of the actual scene, this title is completely misleading as to the conduct of the officers.


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Do you want to live in a society where a police officer shoots you because he suspects you have a gun, even when you follow every order given?


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He didn’t follow the orders. Did you even watch the video? When someone pointing a gun at you says not to reach for your waist and then you proceed to do it anyway what do you expect will be the result? How was the officer to know whether that kid was stupid or trying to reach for a gun? The officer cannot know and is unwilling to take a chance with his life and I don’t blame him. It’s a shame it happened as the kid died but he died of stupidity.


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Did you watch the video? He very clearly did NOT follow orders, multiple times.

"Do not uncross your legs."

uncrosses legs

"Keep your hands straight in the air"

puts hands behind his back

"Keep your hands in the AIR! Do NOT put your hands anywhere near your back or your waist again or you WILL be shot."

puts hands on floor, uses one to support himself while the other reaches backward toward his waist

As I said, it's unfortunate that the situation wasn't as dire as it could have been, but there was no way for the police to know that it wasn't dire, and he repeatedly failed to follow instructions and made movements that would be very threatening and/or deadly if the situation had been dire. They can't just wait for him to start shooting at them if they have every reason to believe he's armed and is also failing to comply with very clearly given instructions.