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Reading the title, I thought, "What the fuck is so odd about a python in the Glades?"...but, turns out that these guys are invasive species and are just eating and killing machines.

“We have these guys out there eating our alligators, raccoons, possums, otters, pretty much everything out there,”

Maybe we should start setting them free in mosques...

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Snakes dont eat shit.

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Maybe if your.a soyboy.

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At last, i can make a snakeskin condom.

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Lauren Southern was seen running in that direction to try and fuck it

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No, a 17 foot python could not kill a grown man. That is ridiculous.

The pythons and boas are in Florida because there are no predators left, and they are filling gaps in the food chain. They are about as harmless as any creatures could possibly be. They are not venomous, and their bites are not dangerous. They are timid creatures who avoid, as much as they possibly can, humans. They eat rats, and this is their primary virtue from our perspective. Now, it's true that they will also eat small dogs if they can catch them, but we can hardly blame them for being hungry. Constrictor snakes are not a problem in Florida or any other state of the USA -- just the opposite, they do enormous benefit.

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No they are not a benefit. They are an invasive species that are running rough shot on native birds. Look at Guam, snake will destroy native wildlife.

Of you don't think that snake can kill you. Let someone set it on your shoulder and let it get one coil around you. It will squeeze you hard enough to break your bones.

You obviously have never owned a large consticter. A snake that size can easily eat a pig weighing 40 to 50 lbs.

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Oh no a pig weighing 50lbs! Thats just like an adult man...

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You don't know anything about constrictors, apart from the misinformation you've picked up in the media. A 25-foot python could kill a man -- but probably wouldn't. A 17-foot python could not. No python could eat a fully grown, adult man, unless he was a midget.

The fact that a species is not native to a region does not mean it is harmful to that region. All species are invasive at different times in their histories. Constrictors eat rodents -- mainly rats -- and this is a good thing. Small constrictors, or young constrictors, eat mice, and this is also a good thing. These snakes are timid. They avoid people. Their bites, if by some miracle a person manages to force one to bit him, are not dangerous. They are not poisonous, they do no great damage, and their seldom get infected.