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.Buddhists in Myanmar believe that Rohingya are Bengali who migrated to Myanmar illegally during the British rule in the subcontinent.  So when your in the middle of a commission of a crime, and you get hurt, that is on you, when you are illegally squatting in anothers' country, you probably shouldn't bring all your illegal children either- assimilate or get the fuck out- since the 1970's Rohingya have been infiltrating and poaching the resources in that country, the Rohingya have been squatting for 50 years, even the most peaceful Buddhist are at their wits end - I feel bad for the kids, but their mothers are illegally squatting in another country- the reason you left your country was because it was shit, now your trying to ruin that country- man this is terrible, but you cant squat in another mans land, house, car- if you do expect the very worst.

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They can't assimilate, they are xenos. They should go and stay go.

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fuck islam kill muslims

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All of them. Then take their land for whites

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Sorry sir I think you meant kill ALL muslims

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Yeah we're all the same. I too would totally go on a brutal rampage killing children and raping women burning down houses if it weren't for the pesky government.

Alternatively, see what happens when the population isn't armed? This shit doesn't happen if they know everyone in the village is just as armed up as they are.

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butg uns are bad!!!111+=

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Yes extremely it's why bad people are afraid of good people with them.

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Don't care. These Muslims beheaded Buddhist children in front of their parents and burnt people alive. It's karma

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Let me guess ... it wasn't a group of white Christian boys.

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Damn those Buddhist Eskimos!

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It's always those dastardly Sikhs.

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those mormons and hutterites tearing shit up again!

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Na. The police would have just followed the trail of shit on the sidewalk to their house

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If that were the case, they'd put it in the headline!

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Yeah, buddhist scripture is full of verses asking to behead people.

Oh wait, no that's the koran.

Rape? Another islamic standard tactic of jihad. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ma_malakat_aymanukum

Another fun fact. The ngram "rohingya" doesn't even show up in texts until the late 60s. These people are sunni muslim invaders from Bengal, being finally pushed out, and they're projecting their own behavior.

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Part and parcel. She said UK right?

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Meh. I'm sick of having compassion for stupid countries that insist on shitty behaviour.

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feel the same way

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