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Do we have the stats on how many are jews? i suspect that 98 of them are.

We get a good, verifiable number, and we can start saying "Jewish Misogyny culture", and totally fuck with the sjws.

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Oy vey!

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https://archive.fo/7yaF2 :

Weinstein fallout: More than 100 men accused of sexual misconduct

'RELATED:At least 40 state lawmakers accused of sexual misconduct in past year, USA TODAY Network investigation findsFour women accused the DC Comics editor of sexual harassment in a piece published on Buzzfeed. '

'Facing a rising chorus of voices demanding he step down because of sexual harassment claims, Rep. '

'Conyers has been accused of sexual harassment toward staffers in his office and has settled at least one claim. ', "Holland's Opus) was accused on Nov. 10 of sexual harassment by writer Jessica Teich, who said Dreyfuss showed her his penis."

'Penguin Random House art director Giuseppe Castellano was accused by one woman of sexual harassment. '

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The progressives will sacrifice as many of their own as necessary to get to Trump.

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Good. I hate these scumbags. The only tragedy here is that these rich boys aint killin themselves. Not a suprise though as it would require a shred of shame for them to do that and these greedy pigs have none.

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Women are attracted to power and money....yet these powerful and rich people did all this skeevy stuff.

Makes you wonder.