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To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.

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The saddest part:

he hopes to abstain from further spirited debates about religion.

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The program was presented by the former chair of Britain’s Equality and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips

I just had to point this out.

I'll see myself out the door.

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The is no debate. It is an extreme religion.

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Reporting crime is seen as a bigger crime then the crime being reported, unless a white guy did the crime. Then it is a virtue to report it.

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I thought it was a sand nigger debating in favor of Islamic extremism from the title. I was still upset with the suspension. Schools need to stop frightening people out of debate. Let everyone talk and the best ideas win.

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Though Pervaiz called Lonsdale “retarded” in their disputed interaction, the Muslim student appears to have escaped discipline, according to Lonsdale, adding that he didn’t want to punish Pervaiz’s speech.

So basically a beta cuck loser get suspended. Fucking deserves it I'd say. Gotta cull his weak pussy gene.

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Hey White Americans.

How does it feel when the Caliphate sleeper cells has finally taken over your country?

I'm just gonna rofl here looking at the end result of democracy, universal suffrage, civil liberty, etc because you gave "leftard" commie "rights"? How does it feel when Mexicans get to vote in your elections?