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Is this real?

  • The article is fairly short on details: it said the bacon was placed at the front door, but claimed he broke in, so I'm not clear exactly what happened. Did he break a lock at night and sneak inside? Or did he just open the unlocked front door in broad daylight and put bacon inside the mosque? Those are probably classed as different types of crimes. Depending on circumstances, it might not even technically be a crime.
  • Regardless: breaking and entering, even for a fairly harmless prank, should usually be treated as a crime.
  • But unless he did major property damage or something, 15 years sounds pretty ridiculous. There are many murderers and rapists that get less than that. Maybe somewhere in the range of 15 days to 15 months is closer to a reasonable sentence in this case. IANAL, I have no idea.
  • This guy is probably a mental midget though. Doing shit like puts you personally at risk with no material benefit to you, and just gives ammunition to muslims and their lefty sympathizers about hateful white supremacists.

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The 15 year sentance was for vandlism of a place of worship (with a machete) and for being a habitual offender. He did leave bacon there, but that's not why he got a 15 year sentence.

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Thanks for some of the details.

The sentence might still be a bit over-the-top then, but Gateway pundit is doing a disservice by not giving this context.

If you bring a machete with you to do a "prank" and vandalize the place, it starts to become a little more than a harmless prank IMO. Not saying that 15 years is reasonable without knowing more, but a machete shows some not very nice intent

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Voat has some seriously misleading to absolutely false articles. I'm glad when someone like you gives clarification rather than just immediate hatred. It's most refreshing to see it top comment.

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That is what the down vote button is for.

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Came here to ask this very question.

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I think you guys are missing the point here. The murderer only killed one person (who was an infidel anyways and doesn't even count as a person). Just one. But this VANDAL!!! He put dozens of slices of bacon all around the mosque! DOZENS!!!

And a DOZEN is 12 more than nothing!!!!

And 3 ﬩ 12 = 15 !

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Read the sourced linked in the article, the vandal was a repeat offender, “A surveillance video showed him smashing lights, cameras and windows with a machete”. The sentace is not due to the bacon.


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Sorry...but what is your point? Bacon is good for you and EVERYONE knows everything is better with bacon. He was just trying to help the muzz people to become better. Whats wrong with that.

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One was a tragic involuntary homicide between two friends who got shitfaced drunk together, the other was an unforgivable and inexcusable waste of perfectly good bacon.

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Ya know..... with all these drones available..... one could drop bacon over an entire town.... Shit skins get pissed, riot, we kill them like the dogs they are..... everyone wins..... ALSO...... Free bacon to a few lucky citizens......

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see you on the news.

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1 month.

ZERO account standing.....

Did someone buy an account..... did someone get a bill of goods ?

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Source: Via Reddit The Donald

The Gateway Pundit is not a news source. It is an advertising tool to funnel you to reddit or other sites.

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There’s a hyperlink in the article that takes you to the real source, not the_donald.


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Unlicensed BLT maker tries to spread his culture

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Cow down to the religion of peace...someone needs to do a fly over and toss a few pounds of pig on the roof.

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Yep. this is what the British Voters have allowed to take the place of common sense: Political Correctness leading to Unjust sentencing.

Theresa May has to go or Britain will continue to decline into a 3rd world, Sharia shithole.

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Britain will continue to decline unless someone is elected to reverse non-white immigration. I don't see Britains doing that, so Britain will continue to decline.

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You can't see it, obviously, but there has been a shift. We are not going down. This party is already started.

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Never elect a woman into office.

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Thatcher as the RARE exception.

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