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link is blank to me

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Same for me, but the archive works: http://archive.is/IjSD4

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Same for me, but the archive works: http://archive.is/IjSD4

he has no right to change scripture.but of course he feels he can because he thinks he is a vicar of christ

he is right though is man who falls but God do test his subjects in order to edify,while satan does it to destroy .btw thank you for the link

edit: the spanish translation does the same as the french

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He said: “It is not a good translation because it speaks of a God who induces temptation” He added Christians in France had adapted the prayer to get around the issue. Pope Francis said: “The French have modified the prayer to ‘do not let me fall into temptation’, because it is me who falls, not the Lord who tempts me to then see how I fall”.

He rejects scriptural evidence of God testing people, all in order to perpetuate divinity without agency. His anti-Christian ideology is very consistent, and it's no wonder the French were the first at this particular heresy. But look at the words, and it's clear he's lying on purpose. From the verses Matthew 6:13 or Luke 11:4 follow the link from "lead" (Strong's G1533) translated from "εἰσφέρω," which they define without equivocation as "bring into" or "lead into." See the other uses of it below: they are physically and metaphorically bringing. All other translations use this sense. There are other sources which agree, defining it simiarly as "carry into" even in other works.

The Pope disagrees with the text of scripture. How long will he continue to be excused while exalted?

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It's all Jewish bullshit anyway.

Our nations have become pacified because of Christianity. Name one country full of Marxist SJW-ism that isn't a Christian nation!?

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meh, satan is as real as god is. so whateva. morons following morons.

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Satan, if you're real, I could really go for one of those trades I'm always hearing about.

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Why are you addressing this, to moi?

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Imagine how much it would suck to live forever

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satan and god are the same thing, a lie

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Like some kind of upstairs downstairs magician. I see.

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Shit the pope says is now news? Which way did the bones land when the shaman scattered them?

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I don't trust the pope, but what he's saying about the Lord's Prayer seems pretty benign to me. Isn't he just saying that God doesn't lead people into temptation? What is pernicious about that opinion?

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Oh really? Then what happened to Job?

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also, in regard to the great end times delusion. it is GOD who makes people believe the delusion, not satan. God said if they want to belive a lie I will will make them. just like God hardend pilot's heart! God will lead the unfaithfull to temptation. He doesnt want the weak. he wants the strong.

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It's pernicious because it's contrary to the word. If the Pope fights scripture, what purpose has either?

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The Pope is saying God doesn't test people? I say, perhaps unexamined lives, he does not test.

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he does test his people.who led jesus to the wilderness,who planted the tree of good and evil in the midst of the garden and allowed satan to tempt eve? who led the children of israel out of bondage of egypt via the hot and sweltering desert of arabia? who allowed satan to tempt job with sickness and loss of material goods and family life?? who tested abraham in order to offer isaac over the altar?

God does not tempt for evil but he does test people for their faith

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