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I know you guys want to believe Trump is doing a good job, but he is NOT.

Manufacturing is NOT increasing anywhere that I'm aware of, as other users have mentioned. I am pretty well connected in the manufacturing field and there are only market fluctuations and the continued exportation of jobs to Mexico and China still going on. And even the high-tech skilled jobs are being outsourced overseas.

Not to mention Trump is doing nothing about China meddling in the middle east. I don't know if you people know or not but China has been the main trading partner of each and every single terrorist nation in the middle east since they were let into the WTO by the US. China has boosted these terrorist nations, and if the petrodollar is lost then the US is going to collapse overnight.

It will happen overnight, make no mistake about it.


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I work in metal fabrication, we are busier now than we have been in the last 2 year's.


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2 years? call me when you hit 5-10 years


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Who cares? If China invaded my hometown with armed troops it couldn't get any worse there.


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The main problem in the US is toxic social environments

but i seriously doubt your hometown is as bad as what most of china is liek today (still in the middle ages)