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Reporting by Matt Wright of Fox 8:

Sources inside Cleveland City Hall tell me they're hearing Department of Community Development and Mayor's Office of Capital Projects were subject of raid by federal authorities last night. Many on council say they're in the dark on this.

Staffer inside Office of Capital Projects just told me she's not aware of the office being raided.

Dept. of Community Development oversees millions of dollars in federal money. It administers HUD funds.

Director of Dept. of Community Development Michael Cosgrove not confirming whether or not office was searched. Referred media to Mayor's Office; Mayor's spokesperson says he doesn't know what offices were searched.

@2pats2 says to look into:

Community block grants, revitalization funds, Section 8 vouchers for friends and family members of political hacks. It's all there if you are curious enough to follow the money.


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Thank you Ben Carson


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