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Only great things can occur
when Government forbids you from protecting yourself.


[–] SerialChiller 1 points 65 points (+66|-1) ago  (edited ago)

The 'government' isn't the issue. This is a planned action, and the 'government' is used to temporarily fuck things up on purpose. Here is how it works (and the same modus operandi has been used everywhere, just with different excuses)

  1. Pass some ridiculous law that makes existing business non-viable.
  2. Drive the existing businesses into the ground and force the current store-owners (koreans) out of the area.
  3. The councilwoman's cronies then buy up the failed businesses at a deep discount.
  4. Reverse the regulation (passed in step 1) that fucked things up.
  5. Cronies re-open the stores with bulletproof barriers back in place.


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Google has been doing this to profitable websites.


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The issue is indeed the government, which has the monopoly of power in the area to pass and enforce law, which enables its controllers to destroy property and life.


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Maybe "1.5 Businesses install robot vendor who doesn't care if criminals shoot at it."


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You missed alternate step 4a. : Only enforce the rules on Koreans. Never enforce the rules for your own cronies.


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Just wait until they are are required to build a bridge over the counter and let all the customers in.

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Feelings are more important than safety.
Irrational people making horrible decisions.


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It says it's a risk if someone is choking or something. Sure.


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I'm sure they'll have provisions for the police station, too


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My town is incredibly wealthy. Veyrons, Maybach, V10 BMWs everywhere. The police station is as well equipped as Beverly Hills CA. The front desk is behind thick layers of polycarbonate with a speaker system. They are the right hands of the power structure and will not put their lives at risk being in public view without overwhelming odds in their favor. We are listed as a small town for tax purposes so the county maintains our roads and infrastructure, but have nearly 200 police and administration on the public dole. The kings of the town live here : Westchester 48038. Eminem raised his daughter there.