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Only great things can occur
when Government forbids you from protecting yourself.

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The 'government' isn't the issue. This is a planned action, and the 'government' is used to temporarily fuck things up on purpose. Here is how it works (and the same modus operandi has been used everywhere, just with different excuses)

  1. Pass some ridiculous law that makes existing business non-viable.
  2. Drive the existing businesses into the ground and force the current store-owners (koreans) out of the area.
  3. The councilwoman's cronies then buy up the failed businesses at a deep discount.
  4. Reverse the regulation (passed in step 1) that fucked things up.
  5. Cronies re-open the stores with bulletproof barriers back in place.

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Google has been doing this to profitable websites.

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The issue is indeed the government, which has the monopoly of power in the area to pass and enforce law, which enables its controllers to destroy property and life.

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Maybe "1.5 Businesses install robot vendor who doesn't care if criminals shoot at it."

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You missed alternate step 4a. : Only enforce the rules on Koreans. Never enforce the rules for your own cronies.

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Just wait until they are are required to build a bridge over the counter and let all the customers in.

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Feelings are more important than safety.
Irrational people making horrible decisions.

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It says it's a risk if someone is choking or something. Sure.

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I'm sure they'll have provisions for the police station, too

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My town is incredibly wealthy. Veyrons, Maybach, V10 BMWs everywhere. The police station is as well equipped as Beverly Hills CA. The front desk is behind thick layers of polycarbonate with a speaker system. They are the right hands of the power structure and will not put their lives at risk being in public view without overwhelming odds in their favor. We are listed as a small town for tax purposes so the county maintains our roads and infrastructure, but have nearly 200 police and administration on the public dole. The kings of the town live here : Westchester 48038. Eminem raised his daughter there.

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Politicians ban bulletproof glass.

Store owners close up business.

Property values plummet.

Politicians' business associates buy up empty stores at pennies on the dollar.

Politicians suddenly decide the law was stupid, allow new owners (themselves) to put up bulletproof glass.


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This is most likely the truth.

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It all makes sense in that light

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Let me guess, Philly is Dem operated?

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pretty much all inner cities are and they are all fucked up too.

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Philly is as blue as The Blue Man Group paddling in the ocean to the music of B.B. King.

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And it's majority negro. Sure is a fun city. My friend had an insane nigger try to mug him just last night in a "safe" neighborhood.

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DOubt they will buy leave the store open. They’ll most likely tear it down and put in some yuppy apartment complex and boutiques

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There's truth in that, there's a lot of money to be made in gentrification. I don't know why you were downvoated.

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It's so fucking sinister that it would never even cross my mind.

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if a customer is choking or having an allergic reaction, a barrier should not stand in the way of safety.

I didn't know that a business has an obligation to train their staff to render aid in the event of an emergency. I look forward to watching Philly dig its own grave in the next few years from their stupidity.

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Notice how they imply that this is for security reasons, and not because of the crime. Philly constantly baits and switches its laws for convenience. The soda tax was originally a tax on soda for health reasons, until they decided to send it to the general fund. They then removed the provision for the health funding, but kept touting it as a health oriented bill. Why anyone would believe philly politicians is beyond me

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It’d still technically be health-oriented.

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Because the employee would clearly have to vault the counter rather than go through the security door like a sane person.

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Also what's to stop some dumb ape from pretending to have an attack, and then ambush the owner?

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Most customer service jobs are trained specifically to do the opposite, to avoid lawsuits, the employee must not do anything other than call paramedics and wait

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Because doors don't exist i guess.

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Won't shop owners just arm themselves more?

"We're taking your shield away."

"Bastard sword it is then."

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Fuck yes. Making some popcorn, let me know when the security camera footage starts rolling in.

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Probably, a short barrel Shotgun with a bayonet and a Viking axe on the side would be the better choice. Or just a Negan baseball bat.

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negan is a faggot

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Probably just get up and leave tbh.

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They will have ZERO stores to shop..........they will have to travel in to the nice neighborhoods to get their booze and smokes

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They'll try to force the businesses to stay. That's what they did in the shitty part of my city. After two grocery stores had failed because of crime and low shopper turnout, the second company let everyone know they were leaving. The city took them to court and tried to put immense amount of social pressure on them. Claimed the area would become a food desert and the company had a responsibility to the community. They still just left. Shop is still empty a year or so later.

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"Who are these people going to steal from and rob if you close up?!"

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This is probably the plan. Get the nignog circus to become a traveling act and "enrich" a wider region. Why should West Philadelphia get all the fun?

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That's also why public transportation is such a goal.

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The minute the city starts backing off the safety precautions, the lawless people will take over and ruin the town.

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Philly has been shit for decades.

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nonsense. tv told me that west philly is filled with charismatic, fun-loving youths who just want to play some bball. it's just a couple of thugs who are up to no good, causing trouble in the neighborhood. one little fight and the shopkeepers get scared.

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“If the glass comes down, the crime rate will rise and there will be lots of dead bodies,”

That's the setup. Next up, "guns are bad, we need to take them".

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"guns are bad, we need to take them"

.... from all of the law-abiding white people, not the inner-city nigs.

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I think the woman who initially proposed this did it with the intention of driving out businesses. Specifically, she didn't want people (usually Asian immigrants) to open tons of liquor stores in poor neighborhoods, as she felt it led to degeneracy . Why she wouldn't just make a bill limiting the number of liquor stores in the area is anyone's guess.

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Pennsylvania still has a State Liquor Store system. They're all owned by the Liquor Control Board and kept geographically apart. No Ting-Tang's all nite liquor barns on every street corner in the worst neighborhoods.

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I thought this was the issue. They sell single beers and shots over the counter and there goes the neighborhood. The owners may have to change their business practices if they don't want a bunch of violent drunks handing around.

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I did not know this. Thanks for the info!

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(usually Asian immigrants)

More like Korean Americans, more American then this nigger is.

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