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Wrong, shitskins should never be let into the UK to begin with.

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We've got to the point where we're net exporters now. We actually need to cull them.

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Just stop feeding them. If you want to control vermin, stop giving them food and they will go away.

[–] Tallest_Skil 1 points 21 points (+22|-1) ago 

Breaking: Defense Secretary to be fired and replaced by a gay dune coon woman.

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I chuckled because it's par for the course.

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The fact that this even has to be said...western countries are so pozzed.

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Too late! Already half of them are back in the U.K (source, this article) walking around lost because the police are too busy catching racists online.


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London has fallen.

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Pour the concrete!

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Why is there even a discussion about it. They show up looking to get back in the country, you put a bullet in their head. This also why we need a northern border too. Canadia lets them come back and gives them cash for their troubles.

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You say that, but to Canadians it's not so obvious as they are bringing them back by the hundreds.

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It should be a 'treason' thing and they hang 'em by the yardarm like they used to hang pirates. I watched Black Sails, so I'm a pirate expert now.

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Translation: People who go murder your relatives should not be allowed back in your spare room.

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