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This is true. But so is the FCC as it stands.

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Don’t forget Faceberg...

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Right wish he had said FB too.

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dont forget all these ;trendy sites' like buzzfeed

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Well, he's not wrong.

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This guy is enacting the President's policies, the ones which Trump was elected for. More freedom, less censorship, less government control.

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This individual is the epitome of crony capitalism.

He isn't doing it for any higher reasons but for his corporate masters.

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Yah, I voted for Trump...I don't worship him as some god emperor.

Trump is wrong on net neutrality and wrong on the drug war. I voted for him on immigration...And we will see if he actually does anything about it. So far...his steps have had minimal impact. If he isn't making real strides to curb illegal immigration or businesses that hire temp agencies to supply them with illegal work forces. He wont be getting my vote in 2020.

But as far as net neutrality??? lol...this shit was going to happen under Clinton as well...it's just she would havve "told them to cut it out" and it would have somehow managed to pass anyways. Same with the drug war...

We didn't have many good options after Sanders was jewed out of the primary.

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who will be getting your vote vs him?

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More freedom, less censorship, less government

Net Neutrality prevents ISP from blocking Web Sites the don't like. As it stands now, ISP's cannot censor ANY web site, including Web Sites critical of them. The whole reason Net Neutrality came about was that ATT was censoring web sites from running on its network. For example, in 2009 4Chan was pilloring ATT for its anti-consumer behavior, so ATT blocked 4Chan from its network. You also had incidents where ATT decided to block iPhones Facetime chat from working because ATT wanted you to use their own software, essentially fucking you over for not buying the Phone ATT told you to buy, because you know ATT.

You can go with your double talk about about how censorship = freedom and we've always been at war with Eurasia to support Trump, but Trump is 100% wrong on Net Neutrality and he needs to get his head out of his ass on it.

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It's sad how even some Voaters still support Obama's power grab to bring the Internet under government control by FCC bureaucrats and monopolistic laws dating from the 1930s. "net neutrality" Your Soviet-style attempt at government control is coming to an end, Comrade.

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He's correct about this, but these are completely separate issues. There is nothing in striking net-neutrality that will help with the problem of YouTube/Twitter/reddit censorship. It still remains a problem for a free, open internet that if Pai gets his way, Verizon and Comcast will be able to cut off access to any website that publishes opinions that could potentially damage their profits.

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NN as it is doesnt do anything, it needs to be replaced, not removed. That being said, i am positive they will introduce a fix.

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How dare you be reasonable on an issue most people have no goddamn idea what their talking about.

Most people don't even realize that NN has been an issue continuously pushed by the democrats since W Bush was in office.

Now the whole of the interwebs agrees with the left wing? I smell a rat. Funny, too, how Silicon Valley is up in arms against NN, yet gleefully censors anyone/thing they don't like ANYWAY!

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Nice diversion. They're bad and so is repealing net neutrality.

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All the monopoly ISPs are insanely pro Net Neutrality, i thought it was supposed to limit them? Why are they funding that? How come their threats are either website slowdowns, which already happens, that's why Netflix created fast.com or its censorship which definitely already happens.

Net neutrality has no other point other than making it difficult for new ISPs to provide internet in rural areas. The government needs to get out of it. Trump wants it to end for the same reason a 500k road cost 29 million in pointless regulations and paperwork before it can be built.

The government doesn't know how to do shit, just look at the DMV. What kind of stupid fuck makes the DMV only open 8 - 5? You want these idiots trying to regulate the internet?

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Thank you. Agree with the position or not, you at least state it clearly.

Gizmodo, on the other hand, obfuscates; they try to impugn Ajit Pai as some kind of brown-coloured crypto-Nazi terrorist (Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals deflection strategy: "destroy the messenger").

The article also inadvertently illustrates Pai's point while trying to poo-pooh it. Twitter's "verification" feature is "essentially an endorsement" which they have used to punish people they disagree with; the example provided illustrates the accusation. Twitter un-verified Richard Spencer not because he's a convicted criminal - he's not - but because Twitter really really really really really really doesn't like Spencer's alt-Right brand of politics.

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All the monopoly ISPs are insanely pro Net Neutrality, i thought it was supposed to limit them?

Big corporations always end up loving more gov control. Because they know that they can buy off the slimeball FCC regulators and use that power against smaller competitors who can't afford to bribe the bureaucrats and politicians.

It is why the big banks such as Goldman Sachs have come out in favor of keeping the banking regulations. The people who want the FCC to control the Internet are going to watch the politicians and bureaucrats sell their power to the ISPs and Goolag.

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In what way would removing net neutrality help ISPs improve coverage in rural areas? I don't see any causal relationship there.

Does this community not understand that Voat's mere existence relies on net neutrality? Once ISPs have the power to shut down lanes to certain websites, they will be held accountable to do so by the screaming public. SJWs will point out that "Comcast is still letting people use Voat, a racist, far-right forum for promoting hate crimes and violence against black and Jewish people!" and that will be that. Comcast will cut off Voat. Verizon will cut off Voat. Any ISP big enough to have a board of investors and be publicly traded will cut of Voat. Maybe a few small ISPs will retain customers with the promise of delivering the full internet, but you'll have to be lucky enough to live where they provide service.

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no dude, all the mega isps want net neutrality gone, i assure you...

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https://archive.fo/JstF7 :

FCC Chair Says Twitter and YouTube's Political Biases Are the Real Threat to an Open Internet

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The entire government should be taken behind a woodshed and shot. We certainly do not need them expanding their bullshit any further into the internet.

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