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Flying hotdogs to the whitehouse?

Hotdog with no bun is her preference.


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She sticks it between her own buns.


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Do you men realize that we women can now marry women and if its gonna be like that, we can have all the sausage we want - no man needed to control the female and submit her through other means to the will of the patriarchy.

If she likes her sausage with no bun, remember that some of us have no trouble eating the dog only and ditching those sugary empty carbs you guys dig so well.

I could keep a pussy just as easily as any man and eat all the cock I want if women now have to eat the dog and the bun he brings. We don't need men and their harem.

We can play a woman just the same and turn the tables well.

How will you like it when women marry other women for money and convenience and use men for sex to avoid that limp problem after you men get tired of her? You're only good for one thing after all and if it isn't rigid there really is no point in marrying a man at all - even if you aren't even gay.

If the dog is sore after a few years why go for a bigger, more used one?

So if all men are poly amorous, then all women can marry women and fuck all the guys they will.

The men can see how it feels being used like a leased car by all the swinging gay femme couples and then duped. Seriously, if its like that women won't mind making marriage gay - it doesn't last if we don't share, right? So why not share every night without the man's attitude and belligerent control issued (lets face it, you're all this way right?). After that men will stop acting like they can fuck when the wifie isn't around or at work.

*What we don't know will come out someday (and you men will regret it and look stupid as the supply of women available for marital relationships with men or material support on men diminishes).

Go ahead. keep your male machismo and end up paying for your pussy.

Women know why your cock goes limp bro. Keep telling yourself that.

They're telling me I'm all used up

~Niel Young


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Lol. Real doll.


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Bi-women who are relationships with other women almost always go back to men. Also, huh?