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Makes perfect sense to me. You're mentally ill. You're textbook unfit to be a parent.

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Woke AF over there in Japan. I heard the 'Jewish Conspiracy' is common knowledge over there, they just don't care that much about it, as it isn't perceived to be directly affecting them. But if (((someone))) starts trying to flood their country with refugees they will know who to blame!

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Non-muslim Asian countries don't give a fuck about Jews and Israel. Like those things are not even in their mind.

They keep to themselves, based and politically wrong. Libtard western nations can definitely learn a thing or two from them.

Btw flooding countries with refugees is done by liberal American jews with the consent of corrupt white leaders.

Anti-immigration leaders are very close to Israel politically, in fact Israeli PM is closer to all of the anti-immigration leaders (eg. trump, orban, etc) than the pro-immigration leaders. Take Canada for example. Israel very much prefer Harper than Trudeau and it is quite clear if you've been following Israeli local news. Why is that the case? Because Israeli political right won their last election... and they have been asking for the support of right-wing leaders and nations.

It is imperative to ensure that the political right win the ideology battle in every nations, including Israel. Otherwise life would just get worse for the average middle class to upper-middle class people on earth.

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Who would ever do such a horrible thing?

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Well kikes don't look exactly Japanese.... yet.

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My god i love voat, i've been missing on so much..To think I've been agonising myself over there on jootube, with their slimy censorship and propaganda.... But here, I see wake people everywhere. On almost every comment, there's some bold brother preaching the JQ truth...It's so refreshing.... Keep on... ;)...

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Also if you want to be called a female then you can’t have working balls. You have to pick one or the other.

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Legally recognizing some with balls as "female" is like letting a fox in the henhouse.

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Not disagreeing with you. But, would you use that same logic with all the people in the US that have some sort of mental issue?

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Sure, if its hereditary, or is likely to have negative effects on the household. Can you justify allowing children to fall into the hands of the mentally ill?

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You need a license to carry concealed, license to teach school and license to sell real estate...

...but for some reason, any two people are allowed to make a baby if they want to.

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what’s wrong with eugenics ? It leads to mercy killings of defectives.

I say you should only take 2 factors to take in to account. IQ and physical strength / health.

by scanning for and selecting the perfect sperm and egg cells. I bet you can get a human with 1000+ IQ in 3 generations.

although James Watson the Nobel prize winner for finding the shape of DNA. Has stated that you should not expect people from different regions to have the same IQ. ( hard winters require higher IQ. mismanage food stocks and die ).

in the end I don’t think race would matter that much. unless they are polluted to fuck you should be able to make 1k IQ humans out of anyone’s children.

I think it would be easier to make a break away civilisation than sterilise everyone with under 100IQ.

If you are going to sterilise people you should tell them and prove that it is for the greater good.

one thing you could say against this is that retarded parents can make geniuses children who can go one to innovate and positively affect the rest of mankind.

I don’t think that murder would lead to peace. the end does not justify the means

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Who's to say what is sanity especially in this day and age?

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yeet textbook unfit ? maybe sterilization of violent criminals and abusive people should be the first part of the agenda

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I'm not a fucking weeb, but I tell you Japan is looking better and better as time goes on.

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Japan was better before the war. Shame we had to nuke them, but they would've kept fighting otherwise. Now they represent what America could've been, except for shut ins and anime culture, but we will ignore those things.

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Now they represent what America could've been

Lowest birth rates in the world. Highest teen suicide rate in the world. Feminism wrecking havoc on traditional society. Porn and anime addictions rampant among young people. Soyboys everywhere. A highly dysfunctional work culture leading to sixteen hour work days, with children in school upwards of twelve. Shall I continue?

Let's not sit here and pretend like Japan's doing okay. They are collapsing too. They're just doing it quietly and stoically and away from public view.

[–] Schreiber 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Cmon now, every culture will have its own shares of misfits.

America has neckbeards in mom's basement too!

Bottom line is that no culture is perfect, but "progressive libtardation" culture is a really bad one for straight white/asian males.

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The nukes were arguably more humane and less detrimental to either country than a full-scale land invasion would have been. It could've easily been another 1-2 years of war with more loss and destruction all across their mainland, unless we pulled some Dresden shit which would be just as brutal

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Sure about that? Those nukes where dropped by the satanic deep state so they could get a hard on from the power trip.

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I'm a fucking weeb, but I tell you Japan is looking better and better as time goes on.

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Get away from me you filthy weeb. Now I'm all conflicted. :)

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Prob is they don't want us.

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Even if you lived your whole life over there and learned perfect Japanese with hardly an accent... Every person would still stare at you as you would stare at an albino, you would never fit in, you'd never find a wife who wasn't already fucking foreigners, and if you did have some hapa half breed kid it would get the same treatment you got, but worse.

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They hate white people. They're just very polite to your face.

[–] beece 1 points 18 points (+19|-1) ago 

So if they want YOU to pay for gender change surgery, YOU get to tell them no kids for you, we're not passing that genetic bullshit along. If they pay for the surgery themselves, go right ahead, no problem. I'm fine with that.

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To be fair when they do gender change surgery they nip off and remove the testes so I'm not sure I see what the big deal is. In the case of a FTM transexual should the fetus really be getting doused in artificial male hormones? Just seems like it wouldn't be good for the baby.

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I read some article title about how they were trying to preform some sort of Frankenstein "womb transplant" that would let a man pop out a kid. But yeah the hormone disruption in kids is something that absolutely needs to be cracked down on, and should extend to harsher penalties to pregnant women who abuse drugs or food against the well being of the developing child.

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Agreed about the FtT person, but unfortunately it's already happened. Who knows what kind of effect testosterone on the developing baby. Also, yuck

[–] Drop_Nukes_On_Israel 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

go right ahead, no problem. I'm fine with that

This is soft-enabling mentally ill people to harm themselves. These people need mental health treatment, preferably in a sanitarium.

[–] 11219898 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

people are allowed to harm themselves, aren't they?

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I thought they did it to themselves when they transition, no? M2f at least?

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I think you have the whole op full operation vs cross dresser vs shemale thing, and the conspiracy @TheSeer David christopher ardwinklestein Schofill? jewish Japanized into Arudou Debito, seems to keep shoutingabout discrimination and racism and un-Japanize and multi-culturalize the Japanese? https://twitter.com/arudoudebito

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Male to females and female to males both wind up sterile. In the case of M2F because they remove, well, everything. In the case of F2M because it is very much advised to remove the ovaries when undergoing that procedure. If they aren't removed, there's a good chance that the ovaries become necrotic as a side effect of the testosterone they're presumably taking, if I remember right.

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Japan doesn't force anything. It says you aren't a transgender if you've still got your balls. That's Japan's definition of transgender, and it makes perfect sense.

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At least the japs have still common sense.

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Very smart. Society has a right to protect itself.

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I mean, if you're a chick you can't have a dick. That's just not how that works.

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I'm ok with this.

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