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Words fail me, we've lost one of the great ones today.

He had to have been planning this far ahead. It boggles the mind.

I think it gives you great peace of mind to be sure that you'll be able to choose this final option. But man... holy shit... incredible.



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This is so bad ass. Look at that jew judge


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She's mad she can't send a man that wanted better for his people to suffer and rot until he dies. He got the last word.


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dont you find it weird that the west is defending muslims at the same time that they droning them?

meanwhile,there no hague war crimes agaisnt the muslim brotherhood and isil and al kool aid for killing,beheading and stoning innocent christians in the levant and beyond ...just think about it


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No war crimes against obama for droning mudlets but this guy gets the book thrown at him.


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To be honest, I have zero problem with the drones slamming some hellfires into mud huts. Matter of fact, I think we should build a lot more and let any kid with a decent internet connection do it too. Maybe have them patrolling the Mediterranean, sinking boats full of invaders.

Damn that sounds like fun.


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Same as any other court case. Obama had billions of dollars backing him. This guy didnt.

In the legal system, the amount of money you control has a direct correlation to the verdict.


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This man did nothing wrong and it’s sad that we lost him to this Jewcuckery.

“The most precious possession you have in this world is your own people.” -Adolf Hitler


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Death before dishonor. It doesn't matter if you agree with him or his actions, the man was a warrior and no amount of modern corruption could take that away.


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Ahh that jew judge looks so disappointed!


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Will be pouring out a bit of my 40-ozer tonight for this guy. RIP bro.


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If only our politicians took this route when they have failed their country and constituents.

Regardless of his crimes, that is one badass way to go out


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Make Seppuku Compulsory Again


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Communist Inejiro Asanuma

Commie killed by 17 year-old "Nationalist" Otoya Yamaguchi

Less than three weeks after the assassination, while being held in a juvenile detention facility, Yamaguchi mixed a small amount of toothpaste with water and wrote on his cell wall, "Seven lives for my country. Long live His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor!" Yamaguchi then knotted strips of his bedsheet into a makeshift rope and used it to hang himself from a light fixture.[3] The phrase "seven lives for my country" was a reference to the last words of 14th century samurai Kusunoki Masashige.

Legendary, respect to the Japanese


Not sure why I thought of Seppuku, Inejiro may of done it if he had a blade in prison. Wonder why he felt shamed enough to hang himself, was he suicided?


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It would seem that the writer is extremely concerned that a small vial of poison could have been brought into the court room. After several paragraphs repeatedly stating that the poison was easily brought through security, I stopped reading. There seemed to be no other information to receive from the article.

Except that a small vial of poison was easily brought into the courtroom.

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