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There's a total news blackout in France right now about the riots against Macron along with the number of legislators who have defected from Macron's party, so this footage is very valuable in getting the word out internationally. Take that for what it's worth.

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They quit Walking, Macronists see it as an attempt to "weaken the movement"

6:11 pm, November 14, 2017

100 adherents of La République en marche announce their resignation from the party to protest against the functioning of Emmanuel Macron's movement. LREM denounces their leader, already excluded.

These are the first 100 to leave the ship with a crash. "100 Democrats", as they define themselves, who announced Tuesday to Franceinfo that they will no longer be members of The Republic on the march (LREM) , the party of Emmanuel Macron. The moment chosen to announce this departure owes nothing to chance: the congress of LREM is held Saturday in Lyon. A bailiff will bring their letters of resignation to the party headquarters on the eve of the event. The nickname they have chosen is a charge: according to these walkers, simple adherents for the most part, but also some local and elected officials, the party of Emmanuel Macron "offends the fundamental principles of democracy with a mode of organization worthy of the old regime." In their viewfinder, the operation of LREM, including the election Saturday as general delegate of the party, Christophe Castaner, only candidate.

In a tribune, they regret the absence of "democratic elections". In Lyon, Christophe Castaner, appointed by Emmanuel Macron, will be elected by the "Parliament" of the movement. That is to say only 200 walkers drawn to be part of the Council (in addition to deputies, members of the government, territorial referents ...), and not all members, as is the case in most parties.

The statutes of LREM could evolve On the side of LREM, it is recalled that "the statutes were voted by the members themselves", that it needed "a form of efficiency to quickly install the person who will succeed Emmanuel Macron", a necessity for this "young movement". It is also said that the organization of the movement could evolve over the years. The absence of a competitor against Christophe Castaner "has nothing to do" with the democratic question, they say again: "The conditions to present themselves did not exclude anyone, the question was more about who, politically, felt take the lead of the party. "

We are in a process that is not democratic. It's old fashioned politics "We are in a process that is not democratic, yet insists on Franceinfo Emmanuel Drouin, one of the resigners.It's old-fashioned politics [...] I do not believe that by staying at inside this organization we can change things because it is decided by a sort of politburo that will decide the direction and will need the members only to distribute leaflets at the time of the elections. "

One of the resigners is already excluded from the movement Among the signatories is Tiphaine Beaulieu, the president of the "Confederation of the Marchers of the Republic", who had been demanding since this summer a greater transparency in the party arcana. Except that the one who intends to resign officially Friday ... is in fact already excluded from LREM, as explained in the party: "The movement's conflict commission took this decision, particularly because Thipaine Beaulieu had organized a demonstration in the month of June, against the movement, with Debout France and the National Front ".

This is the last way Tiphaine Beaulieu seeks to weaken the movement The "100 Democrats" repeat the arguments of the rebellious, adding the lack of dialogue to the reproaches already mentioned. According to them, the walkers of the month of August received only "contempt and arrogance", "threats or attempts of intimidation". "The Republic on the march is anything but benevolent and empathic". "This is Tiphaine Beaulieu's last attempt to weaken the movement, which she has been doing since she joined Marching, in April 2017," says LREM. The movement also said that the leader of the "Walkers of the Republic" was received this summer at the headquarters of the movement to present his claims.

"How to explain that the committees have emptied of their walkers only five months after the accession to power of Emmanuel Macron?" Still question the signatories. A decline denied on Public Senate by the future boss of LREM, Christophe Castaner, who claims "170,000 new members for 6 months". The movement claims a total of 386,000 activists, as many people who have at least signed the charter of values ​​of LREM. But according to the confidences made by Arnaud Leroy, a member of the interim leadership of the party, L'Opinion , "around 120,000" only people would actually be active in the movement of Emmanuel Macron.


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Whats happening to Macron's party?


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