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Holy fuck, I just came here to say the same damn thing. They might as well have put a MAGA hat on the NRA vet to complete their strawman.

Then the PTSD, gotta dig foxholes in my yard, character is so fucking retarded, and no one fucking acts like that.

It feels like those two characters were snuck in the script after everything else was written. They're just so out of place and are forced as fuck.

The Arab DHS lady is forced.

Frank telling Micro's daughter that she's going to be an engineer and the wife that they didn't need a man around because of the daughter was forced.

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Libshit hollywood are destroying all good scripts now. If i were a writer i'd rather take my script to chinese hollywood, or better yet, pay those poor saps in afrika to act it out, & the entertainment value would be higher than the morons in hollywood

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You are still giving money to Netflix? Well there's your problem.

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Exactly, cucks all of them for bending over and giving jews money for their shit.

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Reason netflix is in so much debt all of a sudden is because they sucked establishment dick & just figured out theres a serious lack of propagandized media on their platform.

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Bootleg is free last time I checked.

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no sympathy

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You can see all the netflix stuff with kodi/streaming sites, etc., but not giving netflix shekels doesn't make it any more watchable.

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The point is to not watch it at all faggot.

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thanks for keeping us updated. I was worried I was missing out on a quality Punisher series.

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It’s okay, but the liberal slant poisoned the show.

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This, really. Frank's character is pretty good, but there's just too much shitlib coded messages written in.

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Could've do something more productive, but instead you chose to sit in the couch bing-watching libtard propaganda bullshit.

You are part of the problem.

And ffs, stop fucking throwing money to netflix or any political left entities. Western progressive ideology is evil. The sooner people realize that "western progressive" nonsense is the main problem, the sooner they can solve the problems. Muslims, Jews, Niggers, Globalists, etc existence are not solely to blame for white genocide, white race traitors who are complicit on it are the biggest fucking problem.

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hey at least he is aware of the programming thats half the battle.

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That's not even 1% of the battle you fucking retard. 99% is removing Jewish media from your life, your family's lives, and the lives of anyone you care about.

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Stop watching it.

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I just finished watching the show over 3 days and I considered making a post like this. 25min, 5sec in their Muslim American female action hero says "that was sexist, racist and demeaning of my abilities". Yeah, the lead investigator is a Muslim woman investigating crimes committed by Americans against Muslims while facing the hardships of being a woman.

I haven't read the comic so this might be the plot. But I've seen the movies so i doubt that.

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Your terrific lead actor is also Jewish.

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