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Please explain how she deserves to be raped?


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Deserve has nothing to do with it - it was just a matter of time before this happens to her. She played a stupid game and won stupid prize. She killed herself probably realizing that she was actively participating in creating the conditions for her to get raped. Problem is, there are other women who are fighting against kebab infestation - when those women get raped i will say they didn't deserve it.


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Lord help all of your female relatives. Such a dog piss man.

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At my job I meet 2 or 3 of you each day. I try to understand everyone’s place in the world. Thanks to you. I will delve deeper and not hire people like you. So do yourself a favor and fuck off. See. I can be uncaring also but hopefully you will get raped by a white guy with a much bigger dick than you. You hate pussy cause you can’t get any. Stupid and ignorant. That’s your contribution to society. Keep up the good work pussy boy. Oh, and you should keep your lips soft. Dick suckers should always have soft lips. And you can’t say shit. I have years in the military... I choose to be kind because the world is a cruel fuckery everyday. Do some good or suck dick you heartless stupid mother fucker