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That's a lot of work to kill someone... "Hey why are screwing boards in the doors?"

"No reason, go back inside!"


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She asked for it. She demanded it for all her people. She just happened to reap the rewards of such a disgusting act of betrayal of ones people. Thank god for that. She deserved it.


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Just because you were raped and enjoyed it doesn’t mean anyone else likes it. I hope you will one day live to be sorry for your words


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It's better not to alert them. They will probably break out a window and jump. Just pour the gas in the mail slot, dog door, dryer vent, etc. while they are sleeping. If possible wait until the air fuel mixture inside is approximately right for some wall busting action, then light a trail of fuel from a safe distance.


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Pretty much what I was thinking, especially if she's just going to kill herself anyway!