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and he's probably the best choice they have to run for president. LOL.

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cream of the crop. And they thought Hildog was the best.

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They do have the fake Indian, the senile old grandma that can't find her way out of the store, and the retarded niggress who thinks "What's 2+2?" is a racist question.

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No one can tell who will be the best choice now!

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Biden a creeper? Say it ain't so…………….


And does it on national TV. From the democrats corner……………crickets.

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or to "take him behind the gym" to use his words.

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Creepy Unky Joe is Your Friend

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Because he knows hell get away with it.

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This comes as no surprise. The truth that would shock many is that our politicians were chosen and groomed precisely because they could be blackmailed (most often for pedophilia). This allows those with resources to offer our "elected" officials both a carrot (money and children to abuse) as well as the stick (blackmail or murder). This gives them control, without having to descend into the minutiae of government and selling lies to constituents. It really was a perfect system, but something has changed now. Anyone know what that was?

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Desensitization through the Weinstein effect, and pizzagate being dismissed as fake news. The public is either more aware than ever due to the former or completely oblivious due to the latter. Trump's election also changed everything.

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This... makes perfect sense.

Thank you for opening my eyes.

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The internet being so widely available helps.

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Gotta love it when the lefts own weapons come back and bite them in the ass. Sweet Sweet fucking karma!

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If we see what he does to little girls in public, don't want to see what he does to people in private

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Uncle Joe.

Would you trust your daughter around this pedophile?

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Not surprised. The guy was way to eager to violate peoples personal space. He'd hold hugs with women until they became visibly uncomfortable. However, the victim parade goes on and on and on.

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Thanks for that.

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Women! He's a fucking pedophile, the way he was petting the little girls while having their photos taken made me sick.

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fondling or groping

Dogs are for petting.

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But are dogs for heavy petting?

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my bad. I appologised to my dog.

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