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What year is this! We did this one already.

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Unfortunately Travolta is guilty of something worse than being a groper. He's guilty of being a scientologist.

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Yah I have been watching Leah's show the past two years and I am horrified. A true cult that is all over the world. We knew it was a scam back in the day but did not know to this degree. Tonight's episode finally featured LRH's background. They only mildly touched on the Jack Parson's connection, which I was waiting for. Still okay tho, not something for normies. LRH was a sick freak with the cult of personality. and determination. Damn. He had three wives and seven children, some of which were simply abandoned.

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This is very old news, there was even a bit on the O&A Radio Show where they joked that "It requires skill to open your butt checks like saloon doors" just as he did.

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yeah, I thought this same thing came out like 5-10 years ago. Did he touch more dicks? Travolta has got to be the most well known gay who pretends he isn't gay, people just don't care about him anymore.

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New report claims Travolta groped the man's bare buttocks and exposed himself.

So the massage therapist was naked?

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Is there any other way to give a massage?

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Well yeah. If they said "he groped a prostitute and exposed himself" no one would give a shit.

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Wouldn’t you just love to see what’s in his Scientology auditing folder?

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I imagine that's why he's still part of scientology.

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You guys are savage, ow my sides. Scientology has a department strictly dedicated to celebrities....just stating it for the normies out there...you guys obviously got it.

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Have you seen Going Clear? He knew that Scientology was brutally abusing a friend of his in the Sea Org, and he's still there. You can tell that she's heartbroken over his refusal to acknowledge what happened to her.

I think a lot of people stay in that cult because leaving would crush them mentally; too many evils to face up to.

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To quote the great George Constanza, "it moved."

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It's amusing to watch Hollywood eat itself, but I'm kind of checked out on the geriatrics trying to fingerbang a quasi-prostitute. I'm waiting for someone to stomp on the current gen cocksmiths, basically anyone who's fucked Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus. By way of example, if Orlando Bloom or Tom Hiddleston come under fire Hollywood is going to augur right into the ground.

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I never cared about celebrity gossip before but I'm loving the train wreck.

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In other news: the sky is, indeed, blue.

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But Scientology is gonna cover that up

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I think John is going to need a new training course at about a few million fee.

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"What?" "Where?" "Why?" - Vinnie Barbarino

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