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Ooops, maybe those state sanctioned home invasion robberies committed by "law enforcement" in the middle of the night over a damn plant are a little too much?

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Especially when it's so easy to serve a warrant without all that Hollywood dynamic-entry cowboy LARPing. The whole SWAT team needs to be prosecuted for criminal reckless endangerment.

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Seriously, it's a house in suburbia. How long can they hold out? Just surround the place, cut off the utilities, and wait them out. Sure, if they start shooting, take them down. But there isn't much chance of them not knowing that it's the cops surrounding them instead of a robber trying to break in and rape them to death.

But then you just need a few officers in street uniforms and their marked cars. No excuse to play with tanks, riot gear, or black rifles.

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Matthew David Stewart did nothing wrong.

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Any officer that takes part in a no knock raid is a fool. Or the "lightly knock and whisper" raid. You deserve what you get.

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Marijuana's bad, m'kay?

[–] edistojim 2 points 6 points (+8|-2) ago 

So is too much coffee, and your point?

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Marijuana helps cure cancer, m'kay?

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wasting resources over a plant when niggers are beating the shit out of each other any anyone within striking distance is worse.

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How will people hide a cannabis farm in a few minutes anyway? Just knock and wait.

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People should have the right to shoot cops when they break down your door unannounced and start shooting at people. What happened when they would actually knock, serve the warrant, and then go through the house? Three AM raids in military combat gear is ridiculous.

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Real cops wait for the person to leave and pull over their car. No muss, no fuss, no dead cops, no dead bystanders, no kids with their eardrums popped and their faces burned off by flash-bang grenades.

Their stated justification was that they thought he had a big drug stockpile and an arsenal to defend it with. If that was the case, the rational strategy would be to provoke the confrontation somewhere away from the purported arsenal. Instead they made sure he was as close as possible to the purported arsenal, at a time when he was likely to be asleep and therefore as confused as possible. In other words, the cops acted to maximize their danger. They weren't policing, they were reenacting their favorite action movie, like a bunch of 12 year old boys. And like children treating guns as toys, somebody got killed.

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There's absolutely no way that could be abused.

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So what? Life is imperfect. The risk of losing evidence is just part of the trade off of not breaking into people's homes unannounced and starting a gun battle.

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If you think about it, how do SWAT/Police expect to go into a no knock raid and get out alive? You come into someone's house, you dont announce yourself, you have guns and backup, you're wearing masks and hard to see markings. I mean, it has all the markings of a terrorist organization for all you know

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And the ones sending them on the no knock raid are sitting comfortably in their offices………………….. If a superior told me to kick in the door of an unknown citizen in the middle of the night I'd tell him to go fuck himself, he can do it himself. I live in South Carolina, we don't have carjackings and home invasions for that very reason. You'll get yourself killed doing exactly that.

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I don't think SWAT recruits the sensible people from the broader ranks. They specifically look for cowboys.

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If you break into other people's homes in the middle of the night, you deserve to die.

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I don't know if you deserve to die, but I would agree its the right of the home owner to attack.

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Because most of them are conducted against stupid druggies while they're under the influence.* It's like a college football team visiting a kindergarten league.

* not that it's any excuse for the overuse of them let alone using them at all on innocent people.

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There's more to this story than the immediately linked article provides. The NYTimes article fleshes out that this whole mess was caused by a fellow trailer trash meth-head acquaintance of the defending shooter who sold him out to stay out of jail. They clearly didn't verify the information an untested informant had provided, but they were aware that the resident was armed. As far as I'm concerned, the police let their hunger for a drug bust screwed them up here and cost an officer his life in an effort to shut down what they thought was a fledgling grow operation.

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The guy had marijuana plants.

[–] Sw0rdofDamocles 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Yea, there's no denying that, but it's just a pity that an officer, husband, and father of two children, had to get fatally shot in the head for them to confirm that bit of hearsay from a meth-head desperate to get out of jail. Then again, considering it was the deceased's flagrant omissions of information in drafting the warrant request that the Judge would need to determine if the warrant was needed at all that brought this about. In the end, I think it's fair Sgt. Sowder suffer for his actions. Do I like that he's dead, not really, but if anyone should've taken a bullet there I'm relieve it was him.

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Good observation.

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Bottom line, if YOU do NOT knock on the door and break, in you should be shoot.

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Got exactly what he (the cop) deserved.

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Nah mate, (his superior) that ordered the raid in the first place, should be dead, not the cop.

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"I was under orders" is the oldest excuse in the book. We are all sovereign. We are all responsible for the outcome of our own actions.

I'm not in law enforcement, but I've walked away from work (and a paycheck) when I felt what was going on was unethical.

I personally know 2 police officers who quit because they were asked to do something unethical. They protested ... the higher ups pushed back ... so they walked. One of the guys got hired as an internal affairs investigator for another department and the other guy is in construction. Both sleep well at night knowing their conscience is clear and they didn't harm their fellow man.

(Except for young children ... young children aren't sovereign. But that's the reason we don't give guns to young children. Hopefully there is a special place in hell for military leaders who employ the use of children in their ranks...)

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Cop should have known better and had the balls to say no. Sure the superior should be in prison for getting the cop killed, but the cop earned his bullet fair and square.

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If you're dumb enough to break into a persons house for nothing, you deserve to get shot.

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Good. Nice change of pace from the boot licker juries we have always gotten, hopefully thug police start losing cases on a permanent basis.

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