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@BloodSnail 1 points (+1|-0) 7 hours ago Regarding Alice & Wonderland - I was watching through a video by this guy named George Webb on Youtube (who I was linked to from one of these Pizzagate threads) - and as I was reading Q anon's posts, Webb said something along the lines of "The atmosphere in the House is one of pure terror right now; before, they used to have these shit-eating grins, like the Cheshire (Cat) Grin from Alice in Wonderland, you know.."

Don't know about the "&" part being different though. Maybe it's nothing and we're hyperfocusing on it?

Smiling and giddy and acting real nuts [Black Op Commanders gobbling hallucinogens

You heard it here folks Reptilian Interfaces from mars #SorryNotSorry](

Letter To The CIA from ANU June 22nd 2010 ends with Alice in Wonderland.