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I like the posts and wish you would stop trying to discredit what is obviously hundreds of hours worth of research. If they run bots, well good for them, that's enterprising in an information war.


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Said yet another of the bots. Nobody is fooled by this.


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This is a huge scandal.


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@BloodSnail 1 points (+1|-0) 7 hours ago Regarding Alice & Wonderland - I was watching through a video by this guy named George Webb on Youtube (who I was linked to from one of these Pizzagate threads) - and as I was reading Q anon's posts, Webb said something along the lines of "The atmosphere in the House is one of pure terror right now; before, they used to have these shit-eating grins, like the Cheshire (Cat) Grin from Alice in Wonderland, you know.."

Don't know about the "&" part being different though. Maybe it's nothing and we're hyperfocusing on it?

Smiling and giddy and acting real nuts [Black Op Commanders gobbling hallucinogens

You heard it here folks Reptilian Interfaces from mars #SorryNotSorry](https://twitter.com/king_shadilay_/status/927714176960794624))

Letter To The CIA from ANU June 22nd 2010 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3BxyiHHadY ends with Alice in Wonderland.