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Female paedophiles: Why women sexually abuse children - Telegraph

'Sadly paedophilia and sex abuse rings are rarely out of the headlines, but a female ringleader who has sexually abused children is more unusual. '

'It’s also a crucial part in the Black case, where her two former partners were part of the sex abuse ring. '

'She was at the centre of an “utterly depraved” sex abuse ring where two boys and three girls - all aged under 13 - were raped and abused. '

'That wouldn’t necessarily affect their chances of becoming paedophiles, which is based on sexual attraction to children, but it could mean an increase in women being sexually violent towards children. '

'Instead Cortoni explains that serial female child abusers are rare:“The make-up of women is different to men. '

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I have no words to describe how MUCH in my early years I would loved to be raped by an adult woman. Such did happen at 13 years old and I had no idea what to do. I was in a situation with an adult woman (mabe 30-40 yo?) and she took me and BOY was I glad. Took me many many many times after after and BOY was I glad... kept my mouth shut though as she told me is was our secret. And to this day I admire that chick for adoring a young mans dick and she was very kind and very soft and very sweet. So was it rape of course not. My big dick was not being raped at all. So what a difference all these years later that folks are so worked up over raping little kids. I was QUITE the willing dick and assuming the female just wanted a hard young dick and what's wrong with that? Nothing at at all unless then we speak of young pussies and then all hell breaks loose. O MY GAWD!!! FUCKING YOUNG PUSSY??? And I say fuck you religious ignorant cunts. Youngsters want the dick just as much as oldsters and only mary poppins idiots say otherwise. I am 56 years old today so my rapist would be maybe 80 by now??? Well damn...


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teen boys and girls like sex. its a fact of life that comes with puberty. but the social justice warriors have redefined what rape means, and that is the cause of your confusion. rape is no longer necessarily a bad thing, because it includes people like you who desired to have the sex and got what they wanted. just keep that in mind if you hear someone got raped, make sure to ask them if it was the bad kind of rape.


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Hehehe, I'm going to take your advice and start asking if it was the bad kind of rape or the good kind. I can hear them REEEEE already, it's beautiful.


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What's wrong with it on a basic level is lack of healthcare and a lot of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Urinary tract infection from early sexual contact cost a friend of mine a kidney. We did not used to be fertile till our 20's and UTIs were not caused by such aggressive infections. Dealing with the biological realities of sex is something our society really does not want to do.


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We did not used to be fertile till our 20's and UTIs were not caused by such aggressive infections. Dealing with the biological realities of sex is something out society really does not want to do.

this is demonstrably false. at no point in human history in ANY major civilization have an average age of fertility in the 20's. the average age of first birth for humans is between 13 and 14 years old if we consider all of humans in all of human history. it wasn't until the last hundred and fifty years where it became uncommon to have your first child at this age.