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The Real Secret Of Las Vegas and NASA

For Hillary, It Takes Villages. It Didn't Take A Village For Steve, Despite The Negative Press

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It's a group of insiders from Hollywood, NASA, Financial Sector, Politics... You get the gist.

The information is so wide spread, that it is extremely hard to condense into one tangible post, without scaring away readers through boredom. The alternative, is to capture their interest with small nuggets and hope they put in the leg work.

Basically, it has been uncovered the money laundering system which connects Hollywood, Child Trafficking and the arms industry.

The bridge between the UK and USA in this area, is found among The Clinton Foundation and their connections to Ricky Dearman and Haiti child charities/trafficking fronts. There are thousands of shell companies set up in the UK by one individual "Barbara Kahan" (even the Prime Minster's brother David Cameron was using them). MET Police, Hollywood, School Teachers, The Church of England - all have positions in these fake companies, which children released to the police were being used to sell child porn/snuff. The officer who interviewed these children, had their tapes leaked to the public because their behaviour was paedophilic in the witness interviews!!!

Ricky Dearman, the father of the children (who is accused of child abuse/murder) frequents Warner Brothers Studios in America... He has connections to HAITI and Clinton Foundation...

It's all one big ponzi scheme of the most debauched shit and the worst of society are benefitting... Correction, were.


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