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Serves him right for going to a muslim shithole and actually leaving the airport


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And drinking in public in a moslem country. Risky. I used to go out to the hotel bars over there. I didn't drink. Everyone else did. Guys pissing in the Burger King drive-thru. Guys fighting in the bars. Picking up hookers. Guys getting in drunken accidents. Had a bunch of guys get busted for hash. The contractors involved got a MAC flight out quickly after paying a $5000 fine. A few military guys involved got NJP'd. Being attached to the military got you off of the harsh punishments but with a large fine, a CID escort to the airport, and a lifetime ban from GCC countries. One K-9 contractor took out a bunch of military guys, got them wasted. One guy was puking behind the barriers in the search lane, while another was pissing on the barriers. They got pulled over driving on the base. Out of the humvee comes the MP's with a breathalyzer. K-9 dude failed. He transfered to Iraq and was making $12,000 per month. All the military guys got NJPd.


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Nah. Dubai has special tourist zones where sharia doesn't apply and you're allowed to drink openly.


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Yes. Why even go to these hellhole countries?