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In short, it is the idea that, like any capital, culture holds a certain value. Being as such, culture which has been part of any given community (traditions/heritage) is seen as on the same, or in need of, being appropriated in the name of diversity, multiculturalism, and more liberal protections for "non-local" groups. If you think of millions of migrants/refugees/etc entering a country and thus bringing their cultures with them, it tends to not only undermine the existing values but in a more sardonic way to eliminate them entirely. See Sweden, England, France, Germany, the attack on Confederate monuments and southern states in the UNITED States and Sjw whining.


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So true . Multinationals are effectively the governments these days ,they want cheap labour forces to make money now and not worry about the future problems the migrants bring for indigenous populations who have to live with this "enrichment ". It enables the super rich and disempowers the population and nation states.