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People should hate Hollywood for it's constant propaganda and lies. Not to mention all the scandals, bribery and rape in the industry. Hollywood must die. Let independent movies flourish


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You know what's worse? Hollywood are pushing their movies worldwide in other to subvert nations culturally!

They are telling that being a fag is okay, even if your parents and your culture/nation says it's not okay! They are telling everyone that the evil guys are never black, and mostly white! Blacks are the cops! They are promoting partying culture, divorce, drug use, nicotine/alcohol addiction, and one night stands! They are promoting multiculturalism and diversity in order to turn first world countries into third world countries!

Their goal is to make great Israel the only first world country remaining, and everywhere else a typical african nation.

Fuck this shit. Do you want to know an example of movie studio not run by satanists? Try watching japanese tv. No "white guys are evil/weird" narrative, no pushing "diversity" on your face, no "faggots" are great, no promoting "promiscuity," no promoting "substance addiction," etc. Alot of promoting values such as traditional family and other conservative stuff.


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completely agree, motherless outperforms hollywood even at their own game.


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