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My grandma, polish Catholic was in Auschwitz (on mobile and drinking so go sit on a rake sideways) she witnessed all types of sick crap and was her self infected with typhus as part of experimentation by mengele. You bundle of sticks who think that time you were teased was the worst day of your life and think it's trendy to think the holocaust never happened should count your selves lucky you live in a place and time it seems impossible. I'd tell you to jump off a cliff but I know gran would be disappointed, even with all that happened to her she was able not to hate all Germans, after the war.


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In 28 days I got 4 times more ccp and almost 2 times more scp than you did in 2.5 years here


But yeah, she survived the extermination camp

Like how ?


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I only tend to post when I've been drinking my opinions differ from many here. I came due to censorship rather than due to any ban wave.

We know that she was knowingly infected with typhus (had glass jars with biting insects held against her legs) , given penicillin (she believes) when she was so weak she had to be held up by her friends, and had her blood drained multiple times before and after. Dad believes they were trying to get anti bodies/develop a cure/vaccine. Others were taken away to be studied.

Towards the end of the war she and one of her friends were pulled out of the camp to scrub a train carriage (not 100% sure on this detail) the guards were disinterested and preoccupied leaving them alone for a few hours, they made a run for it.


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More hearsay jew lies. IT. IS. A. PROVEN. HOAX. You lazy ass rats push the lie so you can get reparations from white countries. You are worse than niggers. Without white people and welfare jews would sit in the dirt starving to death. Everything jews try to claim is stolen from whites. 359 expulsions from almost every country in the world. Gated jew communities need diversity and will be getting it. Private jew schools need diversity and will be getting it. You rats have pissed off the backbone of America.


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You keep believing the earth is flat, vaccines cause autism and moon landing is a hoax. You're so full of your own shit you can't even comprehend that someone who isn't jewish could have suffered. Poland got screwed by Germany, then our allies the USSR, and then by the British. My grand parents on both sides suffered through atrocities, my parents fled soviet ocupation in 1982. Keep blaming your problems on magic Jew's that a operate hive mind to run the world just to make up for your own insecurity. Your life is screwed due to the rich concentrating wealth and power and playing into the race war does them more favours than you can even imagine


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Ooohhh... a real holocaust of the jews WILL happen here. Bring your grandma. It will remind her of the good old days


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Ebin shitpost mate.