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[–] Crow_T_robocop 4 points 86 points (+90|-4) ago 

I'm not a Nazi, and I don't condone genocide, but I would love to see indigenous Europeans kick out all of the foreign invaders and migrants, or at least make them feel unwelcome so that they go back to their home lands. There is nothing wrong with different people of different racial, ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds living separate from each other in their own home lands. The world doesn't need to be a giant melting pot. We can visit each other and appreciate our differences, then go back where we all belong.


[–] Pwning4Ever 1 points 41 points (+42|-1) ago 

same, I would hate to see places like Japan or India be demographically replaced. I wouldn't want to see the same thing happening to France either.

This is a good sign for things to come in Europe. They need to basically make public praying illegal, that would help out a ton.


[–] GoatyMcGoatface 0 points 18 points (+18|-0) ago 

I would be excited to see Japan as a target of race replacement. The Japanese would crush it, or self-immolate or jump off cliffs at the thought of failure. Either way, it would expose forced multiculturalism as the bullshit that it is


[–] ardvarcus 7 points 35 points (+42|-7) ago  (edited ago)

I'm not a Nazi,

You're not a Nazi, I'm not a Nazi, because there are no Nazis. The Nazi Party was abolished in 1945. That being said, Hitler did enormous good for Germany and the German people before being drawn into war.


[–] qwop 2 points 18 points (+20|-2) ago  (edited ago)

And the funny thing is that what Crow_T_robocop said is exactly the same thing Hitler said. The National Socialists in Germany during WWII never practiced genocide. It's all a lie. Hitler had exactly the thoughts that Crow_T_robocop had. All he wanted was for his own people to thrive, and at the same time appreciate the differences of all humans.

But the united people of Germany, and the threat they posed to the Zionist cabal bankers was too much. And thus the bogeyman version of "Literally Hitler" had to be manufactured.

The holocaust is all a big lie created by the Zionists. The modern skinhead "Nazi" with the swastika tattoo on his chest, is a shameful degenerate representation of the original National Socialists of Germany. Watch "EUROPA - The Last Battle" to find out the truth.


[–] Ifaptocomments 3 points 9 points (+12|-3) ago 

Volkswagen, Autobahn, VolksKuhleshrank (Lesser known program)

Also were programs spear headed by hitler. Literally pulled germany out of the great depression years before the US.

but yeah, let's focus on the jew thing


[–] zubr 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

Drawn into war? He annexed Austria and Czechoslovakia, then he attacked Poland. That's not being drawn into war. That's being the aggressor.


[–] Chimaira92 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

The term "Nazi" is a political slur, the NSDAP never referred to themselves as Nazi's.


[–] goatsshadow 1 points 8 points (+9|-1) ago 

Couldn't have said it better. Nothing needed fixing except their own homelands. Playing music chairs is just dumb..


[–] Kick_Start 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago  (edited ago)

The world doesn't need to be a giant melting pot.

No one is pushing for the world to be a melting pot.

Only white countries are pushed to be melting pots.