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I see similiar things, NYSE usually doesn't usually go down, but everyone has technical difficulties. Most trading is done away from the floor now, so the Tech is super important to people. We usually put in specific connections back to the NYSE or Bloomberg to Client trading floors. I've seen that side of things break plenty.


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Ok, that's what I had guessed. I know they put a LOT of resources into those lines so I'm finding very odd that something would fail on the NYSE side of that connection.


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One theoretical possibility that would cause them to take it down:

They have hardware failure on one of three routers. They take it out of service and rely on the redundant routers to pick up the traffic. One or Three large companies were set up with static routes to the missing router, and are having their trade requests dropped missing or ingored. NYSE then decides to stop tradding and replace the missing router rather than fix the client sites that are loosing money (and a lot considering whats going on in china and greece) while work is being done.

Again, that is purely speculation. I have no clue to their actual reasons yet.