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Miss me yet? I killed 77 of the future commie labour socialists. Third world fucks aren't capable of making it to Scandinavia on their own. Do your part, make the price of doing this too high for (((them.)))

The Workers' Youth League


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What a ridiculous smear effort by Richard Orange.


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I don't think that shit "journalism" flies in Great Britain any better than it does in America. Here's the top two comments...

Jolly Radical • 2 years ago Drip Drip Drip

The story is slowly dripped in that 'right wing' people are all insane.

Drip Drip Drip 7

WatTylersGhost • 2 years ago I'm no sympathiser for this maniac. However, in 50 years time when the history of the destruction of Norway is being written, some might suggest that this man saw the grim future. But his way of trying to prevent it was totally wrong. 9


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Its current leader is Mani Hussaini.

Born in a Kurdish family in Syria, Hussaini came to Norway at the age of twelve when his parents applied for asylum.[1] His father, an agriculture engineer, was active in the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria.

The rot goes deep.


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I get the feeling Petter of FpU despises Mani of AUF.