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They died in the late 90's anyway. Good riddance.


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I think you're right. In the beginning, The Rolling Stone was all about Rock and Roll and being the hero of the counter-culture, but they failed to grow-up with their core and ended up becoming the very thing they were against in the beginning. The liberal left has become all about a larger government with more oversight, higher taxes, more "Big Brother" (with its requirement for its acolytes to all think the same), etc... The Rolling Stone stayed with the left as Liberalism morphed into the "Establishment" effectively abandoning its roots. It stayed true to the popular political left thinking that was still "counter-culture" when it actually was totally mainstream. It was almost as if they feared changing and shaking things up when that was a basic principal of their focus. For The Rolling Stone to stay relevant and "counter-culture", it would have had to move far right - how crazy would it have been to see them embrace Trump and go after the Establishment kooks like Pelosi and Schumer? That would have cemented their genre as "Counter-Culture" and got them a shitload of readers and tons of press. Can you imagine the shitstorm? It would have put the rag back on the map; provided for fresh, new readers; and regained many of its lost subscribers; especially the ones who quit buying it because of the magazine's political ass-kissing bullshit and shitty reporting - myself being one of them.


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Nail on the head, man.

Their "true-crime" type stories made me stick with them for awhile. But then their taste in music got shittier, and the political stuff (even the once promising Taibbi) turned into generic, predictable leftist fan-boying.

Eventually every issue was just throwaway fluff, not even ten minutes worth of anything readable. Then there was the fake rape story and some race-baity bs that finally made me cancel my lifetime subscription.


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So true. Once a great magazine. If only...