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I grew up Catholic and it still saddens me to see the media shitting on priests. The roman catholic church is the first church, the church of Saint Peter. You don't have to be Catholic to at least have a little respect for the fact that its lasted nearly 2000 years.

Aside from your life, celibacy is the ultimate sacrifice you can make for your faith. Sex is hardwired into our brains, an animalistic process designed to perpetuate the species. Denying it is an arduous affair, but that only makes the act that much more noble, A true test of your devotion to God.


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dont BS us its all about inheritance, cant have a priest wife stealing our shekels, so what if some stupid goiym kids get early sex ed what really matter is no shekel ever leaving the church


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Priests have to take a vow of poverty. Most I've known live frugally and often with other clergymen. The Archbishops in Rome are another story though, but everything in Italy is corrupt. The Italians had a real shot at fixing that until they hung Il Duce.