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I'm curious if any white flight areas have been able to maintain successful civilization, or do they basically collapse like Detroit?

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White folks are the indicator race. When anything starts to turn bad in a community, they are they first to notice. Doesn't even have to be a demographic swing.

When I was a younger, a recall a change in local leadership caused an increasingly dire decrease in police officers, firefighters, etc.

Shit didn't really hit the fan to 5 years later but white folks had already GTFO and moved to be safer cities years before. White folks don't wait around for shit to actually turn bad. They anticipate it and end up being first to leave. They are also the first to return when areas recover.

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This reminds me of orchids. The flower only grows when a forest is doing really well. Its the sign that a forest is healthy.

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The highest % white cities are the #1 targets for "refugees".

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Wow OP, way to connect the dots.

I don't even hate Mexicans as people but they are just so stupid and emotional, they vote for corrupt pedophile democrats and multiply at alarming rates, they are a total threat to the republic. Build the wall. Now.

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Time to start designing and building seasteads.

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Still waiting for them to fall into the ocean...

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Wont solve the problem, they are infesting every state.

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I hear they've moved into Oregon and Washington State now.

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What anti white nationalist bill?

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California has been fucked since the Hollywood pedos seized control. I hope NK washes it away with a nuclear tidal wave. They don't want to be part of the country anyway. They want their own little world, where they get to fuck and kill as many kids as they want and brown people protect them. That's what it's all about, not just California but all over Europe as well.

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It's difficult to understand why they do the things they do, but the left is certainly effective at doing them.

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