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How many strategically placed bombs do you think the wall will have? Fucking kikes.

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how fitting.why not employ an american firm? remember his campaign promises to bring jobs back and to make america again.how many more millions this will go to israeli coffers?

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He can't defeat an entrenched ZOG government overnight. It has been less than a year and compromises will be made. It's not pretty or quick.

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That needs to be challenged

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Read the article niggerfaggots...

Elta North America, an Israeli-owned defense manufacturer with U.S. headquarters in Maryland, was one of four companies chosen to build a prototype for the border wall between the United States and Mexico.

In total, eight companies are building prototypes for the nearly 200,000-mile-long wall.

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Yeah MAGA more and more looks like MIGA. If they take $5 billion insurance policy on it watch the fuck out.

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Well, lets face it. They've got experience since they've already built one that works.

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Well they do have experience with it. And they seem pretty effective

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Unless they fuck around with the building material or put bombs in the wall, I'm actually ok with this. Israel got their wall right after 9-11. It's a beast and works well, extremely well.

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After they did 9-11 you mean.

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Thanks for the correction there fellow woke.