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Another amazing coincidence. (Number 48)

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Ok,guys? Little pattern I'm noticing here? If you're investigating the Clintons? DON'T FUCKING TELL ANYONE!!! GET THE EVIDENCE THEN GO PUBLIC!!!!

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Probably safer to declare it publicly. How many journalists secretly investigating the clintons have died and we never drew the link because it was a secret?

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It's not easy to invisibly investigate something. There may be many investigators murdered without public knowledge of their investigation.

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That's why you use a cover. You say you're investigating one thing and then investigate another. Of course,we wouldn't have to pussy foot around if we doxed the deep state and their shadow government. And we already have enough evidence to convict the Clintons several times over. Why they haven't been assassinated yet is beyond me.

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Will the autopsy find evidence of the illness he had that caused him to "suicide" himself?

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Probably a sudden case of depression.... of the back of the skull.

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what an impressionist

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Lock this bitch up, please.

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So who starts investigating Hillary without being locked up in a bunker at this point?

Is this going to be a weekly thing?

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Hopefully Hillary will write a book before she dies "How to get Away with Murder". I'd pay $100 for that one!

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shitty link