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Be careful. Germany is so cucked they might just pay. Then youll have a fuckton of money and millions of migrants scratching to get at it.

Actually that just might work for Germany. Bankrupt your country and the migrants might leave.

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No no no, this is Muslim invaders we are talking about. Not jewish invaders.

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Hah. Got'em.

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Eh, muslim / jew, same damned thing!

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Poland could build a pretty awesome wall for 1 trillion dollars..... the irony of it being paid for because of nazi's would be amazing

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Even if they let migrants in the country, they could put them in work camps immediately. Or are they also demanding you put these mudslimes on welfare?

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You couldn't keep those shitskins in Poland unless you put them into concentration camps, even if you gave them welfare. They want to be in DE, UK or SE.

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...no then you'd just have a fuckton of money to drag it out in the courts for the next 100 years or so

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I can almost guarantee Poland wont see the money unless they accept the migration quotas. Itll be a deal with the devil.

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Poland has Responded* Sorry for my bad language skills

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Polandballs of Steel?

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A trillion bucks will buy a lot of barbed wire fences and flamethrower emplacements. And don't skimp on the landmines, either. That border better make the Korean DMZ look like Main Street USA at Disney World.

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That's hilarious

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Poland has refused to take their quota of refugees or any refugees for that matter. As a consequence, Germany has instigated a legal case against them that will result in large fines. Poland has responded by demanding $1 trillion in reparations from Germany for their role in the destruction caused by World War II. They plan on seeking reparations from Russia as well. Poland has had it with the globalist agenda. When the EU formed, it was only intended to be an economic union. But now they are dictating the sovereignty of nations into oblivion. Germany isn’t invading Poland this time, they simply want to force an invasion by migrants. Why should any nation have to take refugees according to the whims of some suits in Brussels? The European commission has launched a legal case against Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic for refusing to take in refugees. Poland’s foreign minister Witold Waszczykowski According to Quartz, refugees from Syria, Iraq, and Eritrea will be redistributed under a formula that considers a country’s population, GDP, unemployment rate, and the average number of asylum applications it has processed in the past. Denmark, Ireland, and the UK can opt-out of the plan, while Greece, Hungary, and Italy are exempt because they are on the frontline. For the rest of the EU, if a country refuses to participate, it must pay a steep fine. Technically they can charge for each refugee they refuse to take. Poland has already suffered under first, Nazi rule, and then Communist rule. They’re done with it. Poland has responded by demanding WWII war reparations from Germany of $1 trillion. Poland’s foreign minister Witold Waszczykowski told local radio station RMF that “serious talks” were needed with Germany to “find a way to deal with the fact that German-Polish relations are overshadowed by the German aggression of 1939 and unresolved post-war issues.” He said Poland’s material losses were about $1 trillion, or higher. Polish defense minister Antoni Macierewicz also accused European critics of trying to “erase” the fate of the Poles at German hands during the war “from the historical memory of Europe”. Germany he says is “shirking” its moral responsibility. Poland’s administration rejects the 1953 resolution by Poland’s former communist government which dropped any claim to reparations from Germany.

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The globalists are seeking ways to undermine the Polish government. The CIA is already doing their part for the 'transition'.

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Paybacks are hell.

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