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Well there goes most of the reviews.

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Even the 5 Star reviews are sarcastic. And to think the New York Times gave her a 98% chance of having a favorable reception for her book. DNC polling was right up there as well!

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It's fucked that they'll delete negative reviews but not positive ones.

In all fairness they shouldnt allow any reviews on any books until after they've been available to the public for like a week or something. Its not like there are people out there camping at the book store so they can binge read an entire book by noon and then post their review to various retailer websites. If there are people who care enough to do shit like that, then they can also camp out the Amazon website with their review all typed up and prepared so they can be one of the first reviews posted when Amazon unlocks it 7 days after the release.

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Apparently they thought it was too many stars.

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Two-Star reviews it is.

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"would give 0 stars but I cant even give 1 star so I have to give 2 stars before we can only give 3 stars or higher!"

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Waiting for Amazon to switch to the Netflix "Thumbs up our ass" rating system.

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You have to buy it before you rate it.

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1,836 comments to this story on Yahoo. Every one of them that I read was anti-Hillary and anti-Amazon. Calling Bezos a Nazi was popular.

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Censored because.

[–] newoldwave 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Was that Hillary's own review?

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