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There's just no way that Sessions, the DOJ swamp creatures and the FBI are going to let this amount to much. They're going to pin a minor financial fraud charge on him and bury the fact that the Democrats willingly helped a terrorist agent work the House Intelligence committee like a meat puppet.

GOP quislings like Paul Ryan, McConnell and McCain will help quash any House or Senate investigations.

The swamp protects its own. Always.

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Yup, they already showed they aren't willing to lock up all the criminals in office, because there'd be no government left. Which is a shame, because I'm pretty surr a revolution once Trump leaves is the alternative.

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This is exactly the type of thing I would expect sessions and trump to pounce hard on. It shows a willing collaboration with Obama/DNC tied staff to commit mass fraud against the American people and further destroys the democrat establishment. Which this itself could lead back to Clinton if the investigation is thorough.

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Any support from a more credible source?

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Is there a cite from a better know source? I tried searching and couldn't find anything.

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I don't know if that is a "better" source, but it does give a little more information in regards to the allegations: https://www.themarketswork.com/2017/09/13/the-imran-awan-case-house-dems-a-secret-server-so-much-more/

“I seriously doubt they could have passed a full background (check),” one FBI insider said. “These clearances were pushed through.”

FBI insiders used the word “forged” to describe the process of what happened to the Awan files. Federal law enforcement sources with knowledge of the case divulged:

Either someone with clout in Congress, or higher, made sure the Awans received their security clearances despite glaring problems or the investigators pushed their files through for approval as part of a systemic breakdown.

Many assertions in the Awan-linked applications and files could not be verified by subsequent FBI vetting as part of the criminal case now pending against Imran and Hina. The files are problematic, FBI sources said.

The FBI did not conduct the background checks on members of the Awan family who were granted security clearances in Congress.

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Looks like this is heading up today

I haven't heard a single peep about this outside of Voat. It will never heat up in the MSM.

Sessions is the fucking swamp anyway, this isn't going anywhere.

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I see shit like this on places like conservative blogs/ voat/ gab, and even twater, and then about 4-7 days later it starts popping on OAN/ Fox, then the other mainstream reluctantly begins to carry it.

Awan's wife needs to be back in the US by the end of September per her agreement. I would think shortly after that this is going to blow the fuck up IMHO.

I guess we shall see..,