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Jew media silenced.

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You must not know about the internet's special tool ... "sponsored content"

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Everyone's getting those fire sticks

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Those hot rods.

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Is it though? Most of those cordcutters are watching the same tripe from the same origins. They're just watching it online instead of on television.

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Are they? Most current shows are absolute trash with a few exceptions.

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I havent had cable since oh god... 1999 maybe...? Im getting old, and you know what I havent missed it once.

In fact I dont even watch over the air tv aswell.

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I'm really spoiled by no commercials. I can watch anything on my schedule, finish an hour episode in 43 minutes, and don't have to worry about reception issues. The bad thing is I have to pause it myself for bathroom breaks.

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When ever I go to my gfs place shes watches normal tv news etc. She tells me to leave because I turn into a lunatic ranting at the commercials and reporters.

The only downside is you get out of turn with who people are, but does it effect my life... no.

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This is exactly what they fear - people abstaining from tv for a little while often realize they don't miss it.

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Here's an idea: offer a better product, cheaper.

Or go on and keep trying to sell ridiculously overpriced cable with endless commercials to old people while the next generation watches everything for free on the web.

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Much like social media

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I've been torrenting since 2007. I just can't watch regular live TV. The constant commercials drive me nuts. During election season? No way. . .

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Spooky. That was the year I canceled my cable and went all in on private trackers. Nowadays I don't even pirate any more because I have no will to consume this crap.

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damn you missed out on the 2004 heydey of torrenting

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Mr Show had a skit exactly describing this. Please search for it; it's hilarious.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again. You're dumber than the average street nigger if you're getting your "programming" from a "channel." Broadcast television is deliberately meant to dull your mind, to get you to conform, to make you lazy, to sell you poison and to drive you into debt.

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Theres a reason they call TV shows "programming", and its not your television set thats being programmed.

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While I agree with your point, the way you expressed it makes you a useless nigger.

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Chucked my tell lie vision out ages ago

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There's still people with Cable and Satellite TV?

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A dying breed, literally, since millennials are all streaming.

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...theyve fucked Netflix already. Will cancel that soon too

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And a replacement will be along shortly.

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How so? Ive heard of telcos throttling netflix but overall it seems ok

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Wow you haven't already? All their shit is the easiest content to stream free or get entire seasons from TPB.

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Did that 8 years ago.

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I had Comcast raise my internet price about $10, so I called them to find a new plan. All Internet-only plans where more expensive than TV+Internet. Guess who got a new cable subscriber? I took their stupid new plan, and put the cable box in a corner and never even opened it. Comcast and the like are padding their TV subscriber numbers by bundling it with Internet. Far more have cut the cord than they would like to admin.

I would like to see hours of TV watched per TV subscriber, that would be a far more telling number.

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We are in the exact same scenario. All we want is internet. Its more expensive for us to have an internet only plan than to have one with cable & internet. Television is on life support & I couldn't be happier. The programming on television today is cancer.

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And the real joke is that comcast turns around and uses that subscriber number to leverage their advertisers for money-- even though they know full well that a fraction of their cable tv subscribers only do it to save on internet!

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Yup. Surely the advertisers won't fall for that trick for long, someday they'll ask for proof of who is viewing their ads. Will be a bad day for Comcast.

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Oh boy, that face when you realize that you just got a discount for 6 months of a 3 year, locked in plan. After those 6 months of '$10 less then Internet alone' they'll raise your bundle $70.

Sorry about your luck. Should have read the fine print.

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I pay the increased amount. I want to be part of what makes them look bad.

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I turned mine off 16 years ago - now I just salvage TV's for their metals.

TV - going down.

Hollywood - going down.

Sports - going down.

Fake News TV - going down.

Fake News - publications - going down.

Google - in trouble.

Twitter - in trouble.

Dem Party - in big trouble.

Deep State - in big trouble.

Global establishment - in trouble.

Red Pill Gen Z - Seeing more Red than ever.

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You can get live television through Hulu, Sling TV and sometimes from your Internet provider. Or just build a Kodi box and get it for free. Why do we need Cable?

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Well, someone has to record the shows and upload them so Kodi can find & play them.

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More likely somebody schedules software to record the show, then somebody (else?) takes the time to slice out the commercials and uploads it.

I wouldn't be surprised if somebody has trained a neural network to detect and slice commercials out of a given video format already.

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Plex master race

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Where does the content come from?

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It's easier to buy a turn-key cable package. Cord-cutting is a problem because it makes it easy for people to notice that they don't actually value or need tv much if at all. Stop watching their media entirely.

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Pluto TV is fantastic and free! Plus over the air channels. Why would anyone need cable?

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I'm going to look into this. Thanks.

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