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Huh, I guess I'll stop volunteering for the red cross. Ill seek out a Christian charity instead.

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Christian charities are even worse.

For one thing, when you donate to a Christian charity, it's likely that the funds aren't going to the victims, maybe a token percentage, but largely, the money goes directly into the Church's slush fund. So, you are basically donating to the church's Mercedes fund.

Then, what little money actually goes to the needy gets spent on Bibles. Maybe a little bit of food and water. But, if anyone actually wants that food or water, they are going to need to sit through some prosperity gospel bullshit first.

"Oh, yeah, you are the victim of this hurricane because you are a sinner. But, look at the preacher. He's a Godly man and look at the Mercedes he's driving around in."

I mean, look at Linda Sarsour. She's the obvious example of a corrupt person taking advantage of a situation like this for her own selfish ambition. And hey, you might be saying, "But she's muslim, she doesn't count because I specifically said 'Christian'", OK, I was just using her as an example because I know everyone here is going to go after her for what she did. But, OK, apply that logic to Joel Osteen who basically did the same thing and there wasn't a single motherfucker on Voat who called him out on it.

I can go on and on about how much more corrupt Christian institutions are. The Catholics basically give people in need a cot and wait for them die. The Pope could easily sell his golden toilet on Craig's list and feed a nation. But, it's better to prop up a con artist like Mother Terresa and do nothing. Just hide the cash in the matress.

Or, look at the Mormons. What good deeds to they do with their money? They built a 5 billion dollar shopping mall.

Pat Robertson used donations to his church to buy a diamond mine in Africa.

I mean, if you can find a better charity than the Red Cross, go for it. But, I can't think of a single Christian charity which doesn't use the money donated for anything other than selfish ambition.

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Depends on the church. Several of the ones I know of take food donations rather than straight money. In general any large charity organization is going to be pure bullshit.

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I should start a church. The don't be a dick church.

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Its the problem with all large charities - they are a business first and foremost. The salary for being in charge of a large charity tends to be in the hundreds of thousands of pounds.

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Fuck all charities. It is all a scam. People need to help themselves.

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Samaritans purse is a good one. I've worked with them on disaster relief a few times.

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Help out Whites directly. Pretty much all charities are a split between scamming and ~100% going to shitskins.

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Yeah, I'll do that. Thanks.

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Its christian based charities that have been fucking over america with their role in the refugee crisis.

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Mike Adamson earns £173,000 (~$230,000 US) a year. Let that sink in. Red Cross is using your donations to pay this guy a quarter of a million per year to say dumb shit like this.

Don't donate to the Red Cross, you're throwing money away. Donate to local charities where the disaster struck instead.

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Never ever donate to any organization.

If you have money to spend, use it to help white people who needs help. No organizations want to help white people because they are too busy being politically correct.

I would say the same thing for everyone.. If you are whatever race then only help your OWN people. Let the groids live in mud huts and kill each other. Segregation is the best solution for the "civilized" races.

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Charity begins at home.

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I always give my extra $5 or a $1 or some free change to a poor white person in need.. Its my tithe and I can do what I want with it.

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Yes to this, also stop supporting all multi-national brands. If it os not made here, you do not need it.

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If the size and scale of the red cross's operations in uk are comperable to what they are in the us, then I'd say that is fairly reasonable for someone who has to reside in London, and would likely earn 7 figures if he left for the private sector.

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I get your point, but operating a business for profit compared to a non-profit that simply needs to fulfill its promises are two very different things.

Comparing the pay between the two as a form of justification would be the same as saying a software engineer at Microsoft earns $200k+ a year, so all public employees involved in coding for basic gov websites should also earn $200k+ a year.

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Everything about this Red Cross statement is fucking disgusting.

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Awesome, skin color before ability is coming to Red Cross, I can't wait. It worked out so well for Equifax's security chief.

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Niggers too busy looting to volunteer.

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They are volunteering, it's called clean up. Think of how much time they will save honest Americans in feeling out insurance claims with no proof of ownership. These kangz got skillz☻.

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in other words only white people are charitable..

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charitable, and charitable to people outside their group. a black person might volunteer (stay with me here), but only to help other black people; not asian, white, or hispanic people.

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^this is exactly correct from my experience.

If you are still helping people outside of your group then you are just getting exploited period. And you are being stupid because people inside your group need help too.

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Define volunteer? Have you ever met a black person? Unless they are filling sand bags for the local kfc, I know that shovel is to bury me, minus my wallet and jewelry.

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I think a better reply is only tax disadvantaged people donate.

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Not true at all. Many latinos also donate to their churches graciously.

If anyone is stingy, its the creeper who says he owns 1 foot of your land.. Even thou you been there over a century and he's been there a few years.

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Its hard enough to get niggers to work for pay.. They aren't going to work for no pay.

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Cmor88, you are an ignorant racist, and by that I mean absolutely correct and unafraid of the truth. How do you survive with a functioning brain in todays society?

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Member for 2,6 hours. Back to plebbit!

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Ignorant racist? You mean educated realist

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Wake up and face reality you ignorant fuck. I survive just fine thank you.

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I've said it before on multiple threads: the CEO of the Red Cross has an annual salary of $651,000, plus expenses. This is not a charity. It is a corporate greed enterprise pretending to be a charity.

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This is reasonable compared to many churches. I am not defending, just further illumi atinv. Check out tonights Tucker Carlson.

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