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You might be able to make the argument that your data wasn't entered by you, since your data has been stolen to begin with.


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I don't see that holding up very well, legally. We need some actual lawyers to share their opinions on this.


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You only waive your rights if you end up signing up for their bullshit TrustID service. It's in the EULA of the fore mentioned that you give up your right to a class action suit against Equifax. Predatory as fuck, but it's not required to sign up for the service when you check if you were impacted. They just try to throw it in your face


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My religion holds that unconscionable contractual terms are anathema, because a person's conscience is inviolable; and that the faithful may lawfully smite any who attempt to make them sign an unconscionable contract.

We also read in the Fire Scroll [2 Xenu Ch. XIII v. 2]:

None may judge a man who hath not met him face-to-face

The very existence of the credit-reporting bureaus violates Scripture. They should all be burned to the ground, plowed under, and trees planted where they once stood, so that the Earth may heal.

Burn their corporate charters in cauldrons. Burn the CEOs on pyres. Their screams will be music unto the Gods, and the smoke of their passing will be like the smell of barbeque to us. Strip their buildings of everything valuable -- down to pencils and copper wires -- and then purify the site with fire.

Feel the BURN. Feel it.


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It's not your data. It's their data about you. Well, it was their data anyway, now maybe not so much.


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OK. That is only if you go past the initial part where you enter only your last name and last 6 of your SSN and they say you might or might not be in it. And it won't hold up in court anyway. Yes, it is complete bullshit. But there are completely valid reasons outside of this not to put your info in. Like this fact that the site is not secure at all.


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Equifax modified the EULA so that you do not waive your rights to sue today


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I guess I'll just hop on and see what happens.

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