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Lighten up. It's not like the mother tried to home school her child or forced him to pray (real child abuse). The mother made an honest mistake and it's not the end of the world if her son has breasts. Think of how popular her son will be. Every young boy in town will want to hang out with her son now... She actually did him a favor.


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3 dummies took my post seriously. Dang.


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false. most states do not allow anyone with parental consent to obtain a tattoo. the only states I've ever been in with a parental exemption requires you to be at least 16 and have your parent with you. You can't give a tattoo to am 11 year old legally just because you're the parent anywhere in the country that I'm aware of. In South Carolina after they legalized tattooing adults you had to bring a parent with you if you were between 18 and 21.

it's also not how HRT is legal, the two have nothing to do with one another.