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My son is much younger but I worry about this too. I also worry that he'll have the standard teen rebellion phase and not listen to anything I have to say on this or any other topic during a particularly vulnerable time in his life.


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If you maintain your 'credibility' as a man and as a father, and can lead by strong example, he will be fine.

If your son looks at you and thinks "what a fuckup", he's probably going to be less inclined to listen to your opinions on how he should direct his own life, and for good reason.

If you didn't choose a wife well, and/or divorced, you are a fuckup. If you fail to provide shelter, protection, and long-term security to your family, you are a fuckup. These things are most noticeable to people who's lives are in your hands, like your children.

You children know you better than you know yourself. Conduct your life accordingly.


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Just saw this, haven't been checking my replies. Thanks, it's solid advice.