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Ok no that's ridiculous, officers would be afraid to arrest anyone for anything. This man should never be allowed to work as a cop again though, no pension/severance.

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Make it even simpler and hold cops personally liable in suits against the police force (in part) if they are found to have been grossly negligent in their responsibilities.


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I'd entertain that idea in extreme cases. If an officer comitts a criminal act they can be arrested, so if they comitt a blatant civil wrongdoing that's more their fault than the departments, I'd be in favor of a percentage carryover (Ea. they pay half the lawsuit, department pays otherwise). The problem is finding a way to do it without it going too far, making officers afraid to perform their own job.


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In theory, they can be. If an officer commits a blatant violation of someone's rights, he's not supposed to be protected under qualified immunity, since that concept only applies to police officers reasonably exercising their power.

In practice, however, courts are very generous with qualified immunity, and very seldom are officers denied it. That should change.

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Lately I've been banning those 'new' or unused accounts and they always have the same subs on their profiles. You can kinda see who ANTIFA alt accounts are.

I'd be pretty surprised if they didn't start trying to delete all their comments and then their accounts and then pretend they never had that 'terrorist' ideology. Ideas change rapidly when there's terror charges as a consequence and they will cease.