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"Trying to buy votes. Continually campaigning. Making a tragedy a political matter."

I should write for NYT.


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You could probably pull it off, I already want to throw a tomato at you :D


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A long, long time ago, I was a freelance journalist. This would have been in the dark ages, known as the early 1980s. The hair was big, disco was dying, and we'd elected an actor as our president.

Oh, how naive we were. Not only did vaginas have hair, we had to work for our porn. CFCs were still legal, Carter had made home brewing legal, and the cocaine was cheap.

Then came the dawn of the yuppies. Men, working sixty hours a week, on coke fueled binges, took advantage of the dawning computer age. They pushed women to secretarial roles and that of virtual prostitution. They pushed women into the career role, as well. Thereby enslaving them to a life of servitude, under the oppressive steely glaze of the patriarchy-cum-supervisor.

Women are slaves because of men! Women need reparations, restoration, and glorification!

See, I'm channeling my inner NYT 'journalist.'