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But it's just a vocal minority, guys! It's those muhsoggyknee goobergraters and their 5000 sockpuppets.each! People hate Pao because she's a woman and PoC, not because she's actively destroying something we care about!

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Pao came here to down vote the comment.

/u/Fambida should expect a Gender Discrimination lawsuit to be filed against him next week.


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Aren't people who comment at all (as opposed to lurk) themselves a minority, and those who post even more so?


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Pao is a strong independent woman. She doesn't need us. She's gonna create and moderate all the content on Reddit by herself and it will be the best ever.


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It's sad, because it's going to implode and become a joke, and people will be searching for a new site. My hope is that the best and most educated find this site, and that the main-streamers stay at reddit for a while, at least we will have good content until they find us.


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My favorite sentiment is the "we don't owe you anything, it's our company" one. Fuck you Ellen. And fuck you too Alexis. We don't owe you anything either. Bye.

Just look at the shitty state it's already in after a week. Or three, which is when I decided to leave. It's been a steady decline. 90% of the front page is reposts, shitposts, or shitty memes.


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"Fuck you Ellen. And fuck you too Alexis" This. Not enough people highlight him (Alexis) and their new policies, Reddit's slow descent into this chaos din't really happen overnight. I'd say its more sinister than this. One big red flag being TPP links getting buried/ deleted. Speaks volumes about influence of big bother meddling into day to day affairs of reddit. Pretty sure, the power that be don't like TPP to be outed by a prominent site. It happened with Digg, It's now happened with Reddit, ignore the crowd, they'll move on.


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90% of the front page is reposts, shitposts, or shitty memes.

Implying reddit hasn't always been that way


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It's part of the rich americans cognitive dissociation. "I don't owe anyone for my fortune!" says a millionaire that has been abusing the highway system, water system, power system and social security system.
This is the same, dissociating the fact that thanks to the patronage of millions of users they are something, not just some shit blog.


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Dont forget we're going into /r/Summer. The time reddit is the shittiest.

The content is going to be bad for a long time.

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She better sue Reddit for firing her, that's sexism.


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True but then where was that "women cannot negotiate, therefore no salaries should be discussed" idea that she was talking about stem from?


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People who cry sexism when it's not there ruin it for people who actually need help with real discrimination.

This is really frustrating for me as a southern woman. Really, really frustrating. I'm dealing with sexual harassment at a new job, but none of the dev/tech people are taking it seriously at all. And none of my leftist friends are either, because so many people cry wolf that my concern gets lost in the sea of shit they've seen in their lives. (This week, someone asked about how I masturbate based on how I used the touchpad on my laptop, for example.)


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People who cry sexism when it's not there ruin it for people who actually need help with real discrimination.

What if that is the point? What if the reason why we hear these lunatics so much, is because the bad people, want to discredit these allegations? Its hard to take these allegations seriously, when the only people claiming that they happen, look like circus clowns because of their absurd blue hair, over use of makeup, hairy legs, and 400 kg body weight.

Its like, imagine if there really was a patriarchy, and they were discovered by these people. What do you suppose genius rich men would do? Suppress the womyn? NO!! they would give them money, and let the feminists ruin their own movement, and do the patriarchies work for them.

Just look at safe spaces...

The safe spaces in the colleges, are an ingenious form of segregation. "its not safe for you to hang out in the normal study lounge, so you should go to the alphabet soup one instead" So now these kids, are separated away from the stem kids, the stem clubs, and the HR people who visit campus to look for new hires.


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Sarcasm aside she's poison to Reddit. I'm trying to figure out who she's blackmailing to keep this job.


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As much as Reddit used to post articles about sociopaths, I think it's ironic that she (a probable sociopath) made it to the position of CEO. Here are some characteristics of a sociopath:

  • Glibness and Superficial Charm (she had John Doerr totally charmed into championing her career)

  • Manipulative and Conning (she slept with a married co-worker and then waited years to report "sexual harassment" when it became clear that she wasn't going to be made senior partner... also there were major reports that she tried to steal credit for other people's deals while at KP)

  • Grandiose Sense of Self (Queen of the Social Justice Warriors)

  • Pathological Lying (her whole lawsuit was basically a lie)

  • Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt (her insincere apologies and statements)

  • Shallow Emotions (stabbing John Doerr in the back - he was in tears in an interview in recollecting how he had tried to help her in her career)

  • Callousness/Lack of Empathy (her wholesale shoddy treatment of Reddit and the people who put all of the work into building the site and community)

  • Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature (firing Victoria)

  • Oblivious or Indifferent to the Devastation They Cause (her apology and action steps were pretty lacking in concrete details, but in the aftermath, it's very clear that nothing effective has actually been started, and the callousness of the u/knothing shows that she hasn't been an effective leader and communicated internally anything close to what she said in her post)

  • Promiscuous Sexual Behavior/Infidelity (she slept with a married co-worker)

  • Parasitic Lifestyle (parasite to Reddit, parasite to KP)

  • Criminal or Entrepreneurial Versatility (her husband is a con-artist, and the jury obviously felt that she lied about the sexual harassment)

Think about all of her actions that define her - she seems to fit an awful lot of the criteria of a sociopath.

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I really don't think she's the bad guy here. I think the Board is made up largely of bad people, and they've made an arrangement with her to pay off her debts if she can be the focus of the shitstorm for a few months while corporate gunslingers reshape Reddit. Her time at Reddit is her walk of shame.

I think the bad guys here are the people everyone thought were the good guys before.


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Who is that hoe sleeping with.